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Content Creators Must Obtain NFVCB Rating Before Releasing Skits or Music Videos

The National Films and Videos Censors Board, NFVCB has issued a warning to content creators, emphasizing that the release of music videos, skits, and films without proper classification is a punishable offense. 

This classification system, implemented by the NFVCB, provides age ratings and content advisories for audiovisual material, assisting families in making informed decisions about what their children watch and ensuring their protection from inappropriate content. 

NFVCB Director General Shaibu Husseini previously announced the expansion of these classification requirements to encompass music videos and skits. 

In a recent statement, Husseini reiterated the importance of adhering to these guidelines, cautioning content creators against distributing unclassified material.

“It is also an offence to distribute or exhibit any film or video content, musical videos and skits on any platform without recourse to the National Film and Video Censors Board for classification.

“We are collaborating with relevant security agencies to track any individuals and production companies involved to make sure they face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

Also the board condemned the promotion and distribution of same sex content on the internet, noting that it was illegal to publicly exhibit same sex relationships in Nigeria.


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