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Contract Dispute: Angel Unigwe’s Mother Takes Kanayo O Kanayo to Court

Teen actress Angel Unigwe and her mother are taking legal action against veteran actor Kanayo O Kanayo following a public accusation of breach of contract. 

On June 21, 2024, Kanayo took to social media to call out Angel, alleging she failed to fulfill the terms of a production contract. 

He also accused Unigwe’s mother of habitually breaching contracts by removing her daughter from sets prematurely. 

Kanayo went further to threatening to disrupt any future film projects involving the young actress.

In her reaction to this in a statement shared on Angel’s Instagram page on Wednesday, Juliet Kings Unigwe, the actress’s mother, described the allegation as false and slanderous.

“First, for the public record we wish to state categorically that we hold sacred the terms of any contract we enter into and we are fully committed to performing all lawful obligations required of us under such contracts.

“We vehemently deny the false accusations and slanderous statements contained in Mr. Kanayo’s video. We want to assure the public that we have done no such thing and are deeply hurt by these unfounded allegations.”

She further stated that legal action has been taken, as she called on the security agencies to intervene in the matter and guarantee Angel’s safety.


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