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Corruption ‘Not In My Country!

Corruption according to Price WaterHouse Cooper in its 24 pages report on Impact of corruption in Nigeria defined and perceived it across as a spectrum of illegal payments and transactions such as bribes, embezzlement, and money laundering among others. Since corruption is illegal, capturing the amount of corruption is not possible, by analysing the amounts of corruption payments that have proven to be so in court.

So, corruption in Nigeria is actually not the government problem, this is coming from the Convener, ‘Not In My Country’ Akin Fadeyi at the launch of the campaign in Lagos.

‘Not In My Country’ is a citizen led anti-corruption campaign in order to change Nigerians perception on what really is corruption. Before now, our focus is mainly on the people in the public space especially the elected and selected people in the public space. But today, corruption is now part of everyday life of many of us.

Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, Vanguard Newspaper, Mr. Gbenga Adefeye while speaking at the event on the Impact of Corruption and Why We should buy into ‘Not In My Country’ said corruption has denied us of social amenities and infrastructure in this country.

According to him, the project is a citizens led approach to strategically fight corruption from the bottom. This is essentially complements and should complete the government initiative to take out the corruption from the society in order to reorder the society.

The project is aim to put an end to corruption from the society and every aspect of our lives as a people.

Fighting corruption is a collective effort that requires action from every one of us be it public or private space.

We must all reject corruption by been the change that we are expecting from the top and be aware that is no longer business as usual if we really desire to see a new Nigeria.


Damilare Bankole

Managing Editor, Lagos Post Online. Damilare is a disciplined tech enthusiast and media entrepreneur with interest and unparalleled passion for model Web and app design technology. He is a firm believer in the meaningful role research and innovation can play in addressing economic issues across industries and sectors. He's passionate about online Journalism. Damilare is also a Photographer. M: +2348025837037 E: lagospostng@gmail.com

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