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#CrazyAboutUs24: How Bisola Aiyeola and Sharon Ooja’s  Friendship Is Reminiscent Of Flawsome’s Message

It was an unintentional Flawsome meet and greet as the Flawsome ladies – Enado Odigie, Bisola Aiyeola, and Ini Dima-Okojie – graced the wedding of their friend and cast member, Sharon Ooja Nwoke as she got married to her husband, Ugo Nwoke on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

With every viral post highlighting their bond, many admired their dedication towards each other and the lengths her friends would go to see her (Sharon Ooja) happy. Aside from Bisola, her dynamics with Ini Dima-Okojie were also admirable as she was a part of her bridesmaids. Enado Odigie, a part of the Flawsome friendship, also attended the wedding, but as a guest alongside her partner and the director of Flawsome, Tola Odunsi.

#CrazyAboutUs24 is reminiscent of the Flawsome story and how these friends who have their struggles put their lives on hold to deal with problems that arise as each episode of the Showmax Original series progresses.

The second season of the show which finale ended in May has always highlighted the importance of meaningful and close-knit friendships. In a past interview with Bisola Aiyeola, she highlighted that she was very happy to work with her best friend, Sharon, on the project. She said:

“No one has the formula for life. I think these awesomely flawed women just hang on to their friendship, and it’s that friendship that keeps them going. So to whoever is watching, it’s kind of important that they have close-knit friendships where they can draw inspiration from, and I was very happy doing this with my best friend Sharon.”

During #CrazyAboutUS24, we’ve seen them cry together, share their excitement, and hype each other up while defending each other simultaneously. Ultimately, they’ve shown a narrative of female friendships that most are not used to seeing on display in real life.

Over the years, Bisola and Sharon have simultaneously shared how essential their female friendships are and how committed they are to fostering those friendships. It was exhilarating for many to see the joy they both bring out from each other.

As the drama series progresses, Flawsome continues to follow the lives of these four friends, who also find comfort in each other in real life. Unconsciously, their friendship has told a not-so-cliche story of women’s friendships.

To see more of Sharon Ooja, Bisola Aiyeola, Ini Dima-Okojie and Enado Odigie’s onscreen friendship, stream Flawsome season 1 and 2 on Showmax.


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