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Current Prices Of Building Materials In Nigeria (September 2021) 

There is a shortfall in the number of houses required to accommodate the teeming Nigerian Population even though the actual percentage figure needs a confirmation. However, the Federal Government through the Honorable Minister for Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola has at least admitted that there is a shortfall when he unveiled plans currently ongoing with the Federal Ministry of Finance to address housing shortfall concerns.

The Nigerian Government, in its public pronouncements, has put the task of driving the construction industry with the private sector particularly in the housing sector. Furthermore, the Federal Government has promised to support the industry with appropriate fiscal and monetary policies to drive down lending rates for all players in the industry. 

The footprints of the private sector in real estate has seen a rapid increase in Nigeria since 2007 with the approval of several mass housing schemes, subsequently a lot of Nigerians especially those in paid employments entitled to a mortgage facility are involved in one housing project or the other. 

This article is put together to provide insight to house owners or potential house owners on the current prices of building materials in Nigeria to aid in financial planning. 

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Hike In Price Of The Building Materials In Nigeria

Due to the persistent depreciation of the Naira, the cost of building materials has experienced a drastic hike between prices 2020 and 2021 especially for imported products. Other reasons that have led to the increase in cost include:

  • Rising inflation
  • High interest rate
  • Inefficient distribution network of materials
  • Poor  Road infrastructure  for haulage
  • Ban on importation of cement  

The table below gives cost comparison of various building materials in  2021 for selected brands as at September 2021

ProductsDescriptionSeptember 2021
Dangote 32.5 & 42.550kg(1 bag) 50kg(600 bags=1 trailer load) 3,8002,250,000.00
Elephant Superset 50kg(1 bag)50kg(600 bags=1 trailer load)3,650,002,150,000,00
Elephant50kg50kg(600 bags=1 trailer load)- 3,700.002,200,000.00
Eagle 50kg(1 bag) 50kg(600 bags=1 trailer load)3600.002,100,000.00
Bua 50kg(1 bag) 50kg(600 bags=1 trailer load)3,650.002,150,000,00
Ibeto Regular50kg(1 bag) 50kg(600 bags=1 trailer load)3,600.002,100,000.00
Lafarge 50kg(1 bag) 50kg (600 bags =A trailer load)3,450.002,070,000.00
Unicem50kg.(1 bag) 50kg(600 bags =A trailer load)3,800.002,300,000.00
¾ inch, cargo20 tonnes(1 trip) 125,000.00 -143,000.00
½ inch, cargo20 tonnes(1 trip) 122,00.00 -145,000.00
¼ inch, cargo20 tonnes(1 trip) 120,000.00 -135,000.00
Granite(Stone dust).20 tonnes. (1 trip) 96,000.00110,000.00
ProductDescription2021( Cost=N=)
Gravel(1-¼ inch) 7 tonnes (1 trip)45,000.00 -60,000.00
Sharp sand20 tonnes(1 trip)60,000.00- 70,000.00
Soft sharp sand20 tonnes(1 trip)90,000.00 -100,000.00
sharp sand Filling20 tonnes (1 trip)52,500.00 -60,000.00
Quarry Dust Filling20 tonnes(1 trip)130,000.00 -140,000.00
Highly clayish, red laterite soil.10 tonnes(1 trip) 20 tonnes(1 trip) 14,000.0022,000.00.
Highlyclayish, yellowish-brown laterite10 tonnes(1 trip) 20 tonnes(1 trip) 12,000.0020,000.00
Highly clayishdirty-white.10 tonnes(1 trip) 20 tonnes(1 trip) 10,000.00.20,000.00
Fairly clayish,red soil10 tonnes(1 trip) 20 tonnes(1 trip) 10,000.0018,000.00
Fairly clayish,yellowish-brown laterite10 tonnes(1 trip) 20 tonnes(1 trip) 10,000.0018,000.00
Fairly clayish,dirty-white laterite.10 tonnes(1 trip) 20 tonnes(1 trip) 10,000.0018,000.00
Blocks225mm-9”(hollow sandcrete)Vibrated.hand  moulded300.00280.00
Blocks(hollow sandcrete, 150mm, 6-inches)Vibratedhand  moulded280.00250.00
Blocks225-9”(laterite, choke bricks)Vibrated.Hand  Moulded120.00100.00
Blocks150mm-6”(solid sandcret)Vibrated.Hand  Moulded320.00290.00
1’51 Bag8,500.00
2’1 Bag6,750.00
2 1/2’1 Bag6,200.00
3’1 Bag6,000.00
4’1 Bag6,700.00
Wall nails(2’)1 Packet1,050.00
Wall nails(3’)1 Packet1,000.00
Wall nails(4’)1 Packet1,100.00
Local Rod 12mm (93 pieces)405,000
Local Rod 10mm (133 pieces)410,000
Local Rod 8mm  (210 pieces)440,000
Local Rod 16mm  (52 pieces)405,000
TMT tested standard iron rods12mm (93 pieces)420,000
TMT tested standard iron rods 16mm (52 pieces)420,000
TMT tested standard iron rods 10mm (133 pieces)420,000
TMT tested standard iron rods 8mm. ( 210 pieces) 450,000
TMT tested standard iron rods 20mm ( 33 pieces)420,000
TMT tested standard iron rods 25mm (21 pieces)420,000
20m of 4.0mm.17,500.00
25m of 4.0mm .26,000.00
20m of 3.5mm.14.500.00
A roll of STIFF type11,500.00
A roll of FLEXIBLE type10,00.00
Stone-coated roofing sheet
Shake design Shake design.(0.55mm thick)3,250.00
Roman design Roman design. (0.55mm thick) 3,250.00
Classic design Classic design. (0.55mm thick) 3,050.00
Shingle designShingle design. ( 0.55mm thick)3,250,00
Fiber Britment roofing sheets
Swiss roofing sheet3,500.00
Aluminum sheets (for roofing) 
METCOPPO sheet 0.55mm thickness0.45mm thick2,350.001,700.00
Long span sheet0.55 mm thick0.45mm thick2,050.001,500.00
Step tile sheet0.55 mm thick0.45mm thick2,300.001,600.00
A & S55,000.00
Sweet home 62,500.00
Twyford 61,500.00
Windows (casement)600*600mm Bronze-glazed7,500.00
600*600 mm Aluminum-covered7,500.00
600×750 mm bronze-glazed4,250.00
Windows (sliding)600×600 mm Bronze-glazed7,250.00
600×750 mm bronze-glazed7,500.00
600×600 mm Aluminum-covered 4,250,00
Windows Louvre1500*1200mm window8,000.00
750*750mm window1,800.00
1800*1200mm window10,000.00
Nigerian DoorsChinese door, single (imported)15,000.00
Double Door imported35,000.00
Turkey double security door (imported)27,500.00
Imported Security Double Door55,000.00
Low—density Flush plywood5,500.00
Flush plywood high-density10,000.00
Security Single door (metal)22,500.00
Security double door (meta)30,000.00
Domestic Furniture Doors7,000.00
China Doors
Watson Times Chinese Door75,000.00
Watson Times Chinese Door (4 & 5 Feet)67,500.00
China Steel Doors59,500.00
China Security Door125,000.00
Turkey Doors
 Turkey Hardwood Door77,500.00
Turkey Laminox Door105,000.00
Turkey Door-in Door 125,000.00
 Turkey Luxury Door325,000.00
Turkey Coco Castello Door225,000.00
Security Doors
Watson Time – Chinese Security Steel Door3 feet47,500.00
Turkish Classic Security Door:3 feet120,000.00
German Armord Security Door (Iron):3 feet160,000.00
4 feet200,000.00
Local Metal (Steel) Security Doors:3 feet27,500.00
4 feet34,500.00
Turkish Luxury Security Doors:3 feet260,000.00
4 feet280,500.00
German Copper Security Door:3 feet   57,500.00
4 feet    70,000.00
ProductsDescriptionCost (=N=)
Burglary Proof1200*1200mm. burglar- proof (wrought iron)9,500.00
1500*1200mm burglar-proof (wrought iron)11,000.00
900*2100mm burglar-proof (wrought iron)            13,500.00
750×750mm burglar-proof (wrought iron)              2,100.00
900×1200mm burglar- proof (wrought iron)              5.750.00  
Hardwoods3* 4              1,400.00
2 * 2              525.00
2 * 3              655.00
2 * 4              900.00
2 * 5              450.00
2 * 6            1,725.00
Softwood2 * 4* 12                800.00
 2 *3 * 12                525.00
2*2                500.00
1*2*12            1,600.00
Ply woods
Afara Plywood1 sheet of ½-inch          3,250.00
 1 sheet of ¼-inch          2,150.00
1 sheet of ¾-inch–           5,250.00
Obeche Plywood 1 sheet of ½-inch          3,000.00
 1 sheet of ¼-inc          1,725.00
1 sheet of ¾-inch          4,250.00
Resin Coated Plywood1 sheet of ½-inch           2,900.00
1 sheet of ¾-inch           3,500.00
1 sheet of ¼ -inch          2,650.00
Veneer Plywood 1 sheet of ½-inch          2,750.00
 1 full sheet of ¼-inch           2,850.00
1 sheet of ¾-inch          3,750.00
 1 sheet of ¼-inch mg’s Plywood          1,800.00
1 sheet of 3/4-inch Plywood (marine)9,000.00
Floor Tiles
Tiles (vitrified)30*30 pack          1,250.00
40*40 pack          1,350.00
30×30 pack          1,525.00
Ceramic tiles price30 × 30 pack          1,350.00
40 x 40 pack          1,575.00
Unpolished Porcelain40 x 40 pack          2,750.00
30 x 60 pack          3,375.00


Having a prior knowledge of the cost of building materials will help when interacting with engineers, architects, professional builders, artisans and suppliers. We do hope that you did find this article useful. 

Dennis Isong Helps Individuals Invest Right In Real Estate.For Questions On This Article Or Enquiring About Real Estate Email: Dennis@Landproperty.ng or Whatsapp/Call +2348164741041

Dennis Isong

Dennis Isong, Dennis Helps Individuals Invest Right In Real Estate. For Questions On This Article Or Enquiring About Real Estate Email: Dennis@Landproperty.ng or Whatsapp/Call +2348164741041

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