Dele Momodu Tells APC He Never Promised Tinubu Unconditional Support

A former presidential aspirant, and media mogul, Dele Momodu has declared that he had never promised President Bola Tinubu his full support for the £500 he gave him during his exile days.

Momodu said he had repaid the president in thousand folds for the help he rendered to him.

The media mogul was reacting to the various versions of his interview, where he had allegedly vowed to always support Tinubu.

He revealed this on Tuesday, on his X page, formerly called Twitter.

“The APC goons will never get tired of circulating their own version of the interview I granted @chudeity a few years ago.

“They are so obsessed with the part I said Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu gave me 500 pounds in London during our exile years, as if that means I must become a perpetual slave because of that well appreciated support.

“Truth is, I repaid that favour a thousand fold, in ways I’m not willing to divulge, but the commonest being free and regular publicity on Ovation platforms running into thousands of dollars. It is called ‘adding value…’

“Nowhere did I say I will give unconditional support to Tinubu,” he said while sharing the full video of the interview.

Watch the video below:


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