Design Disruptors Video Documentary by Invision


A unique event unlike the regular meetups, we want you to see and virtually experience how big brands like Facebook, Uber, Netflix and many more design their product by bringing you Design Disruptors film screening created by InVision.

The event is meant to hold maximum of 100 designers, taking place at workstation. The theme is “Design at Scale” and the documentary will explore how design has risen to become one of the most important roles in modern business. So much so that companies like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, AirBNB, Spotify have all prevailed in a world rife with pop-up competitors — all because they’ve placed an emphasis on a top-notch user experience and great aesthetics from the very beginning.

Get a chance to meet world class designers, engage, connect and network with like-minded experience designers. Perhaps this can also be an opportunity for starters to connect with companies/businesses looking to hire designers.


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