Details Of Polytechnic Student In Viral Video Emerges As Her Lawyer Writes The School 

The details of a graduating student of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, the Imo State capital, who bragged in a viral video that her private part and God saw her through school have emerged.

This followed by the letter by her lawyer, Ikechukwu Nwaopara, sent to the school defending her.

According to the letter by the Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court, the student has been identified as Sharon Ogechi Okereafor.

According to the lawyer, Okereafor wanted to say pupsy and not pu..y as she said in the viral video on TikTok.

Read the full details of the letter by Nwaopara:


The Rector

Federal Polytechnic Nekede

Owerri IMO State.


We are solicitors to OKEREAFOR OGECHI SHARON (our Client under our Pro Bono (Free Legal Services) on whose behalf we write this memo to you.

We are aware that she will be facing the school disciplinary panel this morning and we wish to use this medium to express our confidence that the panel will carry out their duties in compliance with the principles of Fair hearing, Good conscience and Natural Justice devoid of harassment, intimidation and threats.

We have met and discussed with our Client and evidence before us shows that she has no intention to defame the character, standard and integrity of the institution. In her words what happened in the said viral video was a slip of tongue as a result of her uncontrollable ecstacy over her graduation. Her intended words were “God and Pupsy” (Not P*ssy) in appreciation of the Almighty God and  her Dad. It is clear therefore, that she had no intention whatsoever to use such a “fowl word” in the said viral video to cajole or blackmail the institution as no lecturer or name of the institution was mentioned or referred in the said viral video.

Our lawyers are already on ground at the institution now to follow up the proceedings at the panel against any form of intimidation or harassment. The integrity and standard of the said institution is not in doubt especially since my Senior brother, Rev Dr Arimanwa took over as the Rector.

Indeed, Justice is for all parties.

Kindly accept the assurances of our warmest regards.

Okereafor had said in the TikTok video: “Omo today is the final day.

“Men, Nekede bye.

“This Nekede stress ends today.

“I am now a graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede.

“It can only be God o and my pussy o.”

Reacting to the video, which has gone viral, an Alumnus of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede and former Supervisory Councillor of Youth, Sports and Social Welfare in Imo State, Hon. Columbus Akalonu, urged the school’s Rector, Dr. M.C. Arimanwa, to sanction the lady.

The politician said Engr. Arimanwa should do this by withdrawing her certificate or giving her an extra year for defaming the reputable institution.

Akalonu, who spoke to newsmen in Owerri, the Imo State capital, regretted that the unfortunate video has to an extent degraded a first class institution in the country and Africa at large.

He said: “It is imperative to state that high institutions award certificates certifying an individual in character and in learning, but the girl’s video indicates she lacks both and should not be awarded any certificate.

“And if already awarded, should be withdrawn or extra year(s) be given to her.”

In its reaction, the management of the institution says it has begun investigation into the identity of a female student, who gloated about her graduation on TikTok.

Anuna said it was even most blasphemous and antithetical that the student peddled the name of the Almighty in her “deleterious act”.

She said: “Management considers the action of the student as most unacceptable and preposterous.

“The Federal Polytechnic Nekede prides itself as an institution with high academic and moral standards.

“Both staff and students are quite aware of the consequences of any misconduct.

“In an unprecedented move, management through the various disciplinary committees, had released hot lines through which students can report any act of exploitation or corruption.”

Anuna said the committees were diligent in ensuring that any staff or student found culpable was meted with appropriate punishment.

According to her, the despicable post of this supposed student does not therefore represent the standard of our institution.

The Registrar added: “The rector of the institution, being a clergyman, has been very committed and consistent in instilling discipline in our students through seminars, solemn assemblies, sensitisation outreaches and publications.

“When our investigations are over, we shall make our findings and pronouncements public.

“It is in our purview to ensure that only students found worthy in learning and character are certified.

“This is a commitment to which we shall remain consistently resolute. 

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