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Discover Showmax Chilling True Crime Line-Up with “Rosemary’s Hitlist”, “Girl, Taken,” “Stella Murders,” And More

Immerse yourself in the darkly fascinating world of true crime with Showmax’s thrilling collection of real-life mysteries and shocking stories. With authentic stories packed with edge-of-your-seat secrets and unbelievable real stories, there’s something for every true-crime buff on Showmax.

Leading the pack is Rosemary’s Hitlist, a riveting documentary record-breaking series that set a new record for the most first-day views on Showmax of any documentary series. The true-crime documentary series follows cop-turned-serial killer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, sentenced in 2021 to six concurrent life terms for the murders of six members of her family, including her sister and the father of her only living child at the time. They were allegedly murdered for ‘killsurance,’ killing for life insurance payouts. Nothing will prepare you for the shocking finale!

Next on our list is Girl, Taken, a heartbreaking tale of a baby girl stolen from her mother’s hospital bedside three days after her birth. This true story takes a turn 17 years later when the family’s second daughter enrolls in a new school and befriends a girl who turns out to be her long-lost sister. With DNA samples confirming their sibling relationship, the plot takes you through the ups and downs of their reunion. But remember, there’s more to the story.

Step into Stella, a small town in the northwest where appearances can be deceiving. Unravel the mystery of two girls found dead in their hostel in Stella Murders. On May 26, 2018, Sharnelle’s lifeless body hung by a staircase while Marna was in a bathroom. Initially deemed suicides, their deaths took a shocking turn as the day wore on, with a series of unfolding events leading to an unexpected twist.

Enjoy these and many other gripping true crime titles available on the streaming platform, including Devilsdorp and Steinheist. Aside from the gripping true crime tales, Showmax also boasts a library of animations, dramas, and reality TV shows. No matter your preference, Showmax’s vast offerings ensure there’s always something captivating to enjoy. For more authentic stories, real or imagined, visit


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