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DJ Kaywise Disassociate Himself From Twin Brother For Attempting To Kidnap His Girlfriend

DJ Kaywise has broken his silence by disassociating himself from his twin brother who attempted to kidnap his girlfriend Nenny B.

The famous DJ post an official press release on his official Instagram page to make his disassociation public.

In the release, he formally announced his disassociation with his twin brother Kehinde Ayorinde and two of his former workers for their attempted kidnapping of his girlfriend Nenny B.

He clarified that he cut them off three years ago after firing them and was not involved in the attempted kidnapping.

DJ Kaywise also pledged to give his full cooperation to the police in arraigning his brother and ex-workers Abraham Losa and Tobi Chukwu.

His document shed light on the false allegations levied against him and his girlfriend in an unnamed blog, alleging that he once slapped his mother.

The DJ also expressed his displeasure with the fact that his family kept quiet about the allegations while his reputation and Nenny B’s were dragged through the mud.

The DJ also noted that if truly his twin and former workers were truly worried about his well-being over the past three years of being cut off, they would have contacted the police.

With this, he backed up his belief that they were up to no good.

Since this is his first post after over a year’s silence, many of his concerned fans in the comment section have expressed doubts over the validity of the press release.

All this comes after his girlfriend posted a CCTV video of the suspects positioning themselves outside her house whilst she awaited a delivery.

Unknown to her, they were outside but with a stroke of luck, Kaywise was in her residence and helped her intercept her package.

Based on the video posted to her page, the men were evidently upset by Kaywise’s arrival, scurrying off immediately.

She has, however, noted that some of the suspects were apprehended by the police.


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