Don’t Attach Your Failure To Our Great Leader, Ajadi Remains Formidable NNPP Southwest Leader, Olowu Fires Oginni

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Ogun State has warned its former Chairman, Olaposi Sunday Oginni, who had earlier been expelled from the party by the National Working Committee for anti – party activities and allegations bothering on fraud, not to associate his frustrations and failure to the party leader, Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo.

The party on Sunday, speaking through the state Public Relations Officer, (PRO), Comrade Omokehinde Olayemi Olowu, discredits recent allegations made by the expelled former Chairman, Oginni accusing Ajadi of using the Police to harass and intimidate party executives.

Olowu strongly refuted Oginni’s claims, labeling them as biased and unverified.

He maintained that Ambassador Ajadi has been a strength of the party not only in Ogun state but in the South West, saying he remains a dependable leader.

Olowo said Ajadi who carried the party banner as its governorship
candidate in the 2023 election, has remained steady and committed to the growth of the party in the country.

He pointed out that Oginni who was expelled for political misconduct and for selling party ideas to opposition parties, lacks credibility.

Olowu asserted that Oginni’s arrest on June 6, 2023, over allegations including financial misappropriation and fraud, further discredits his standing within the party.

The NNPP PRO emphasized that Oginni’s expulsion renders him unfit to speak for the party, highlighting his expulsion for anti-party activities.

He dismissed as baseless, Oginni’s recent petition to the Inspector General of Police, accusing Ambassador Ajadi of orchestrating harassment though the Police.

He argued that Oginni is impersonating the National Secretary’s office and emphasized that Dipo Olayokun is the legitimate office holder.

According to Olowu, Ambassador Ajadi’s leadership is commendable, and the allegations against him are fabricated by the expelled members seeking retaliation.

He discredited Oginni’s claim that Ajadi was using the Police to intimidate NNPP executives, stating that Police intervention were related to the verification of party and its memebers roles.

He said the Police recent invitation of those who were illegally parading themselves as party executive is not harassment.

“The self-acclaimed party chairman, Gabriel Somoye was invited by the Police to be interrogated and verified his acclaimed position.

“He honoured the invitation and was allowed to go home after promising to bring along all other petitioned members for interrogation and resolution of the dispute against the bonafide members of the party,” he said.

Olowu said Somoye never fulfilled his promise, rather called to say Oginni told him to lie that the petitioned members had traveled to Abuja.

Olowu emphasized that Prince Ibrahim Adekunle is the authentic chairman of the party in Ogun State.

Olowu recalled to the sitting of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party on Thursday, April 27, 2023, where both the chairman of NNPP in Ogun State, Sunday Olaposi Oginni and his Delta State counterpart, Chief Efe Tobor were expelled from the party, with effect from the same day. He, moreover, stated how Oginni’s expulsion was upheld by the court of law.

“That both the chairman of NNPP in Ogun State, Sunday Olaposi Oginni and his Delta State counterpart, Chief Efe Tobor have been expelled from the party, with effect from Thursday, April 27, 2023.”

Consequently, the National Working Committee appointed a Caretaker Committee for Ogun state led by Prince Adekunle Ibrahim as the Chairman.


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