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Don’t Miss Out On Africa Magic’s Epic March Movie Finale

No one can overstress the importance of seizing an opportunity promptly whenever it presents itself, as they are usually rare and momentary.

Many and more can be spoken of Africa Magic’s incredible tidal wave of movie magic and captivating storytelling every single day since the start of March, which has had viewers wanting more. And even as the month approaches its end in a couple of days, it gets surprisingly more interesting.

Brace yourself for an epic finale to March movie madness with a lineup of films that will leave you breathless!

Transferred Aggression is kicking off the last week and airing on Monday, March 27th at 3:15 pm on Africa Magic Urban (ch.153). Starring Nollywood’s finest talent like Ruby Orjiakor, Chinenye Nnebe, Maicon, and many more, this film is not to be missed.

And if you’ve ever longed to relive the magic of your favourite films, Africa Magic has got you covered. They’ll be bringing some of Nollywood’s classic hits to your screens that will instantly transport you down memory lane.

Tune in to Supreme Ladies airing on Tuesday, March 28th at 3:55 pm on Africa Magic Urban (ch.153). There is more excitement on Wednesday, March 29th, with Desperate Sisters, another classic airing at 3:45 pm on Africa Magic Urban (ch.153).

On Thursday, March 30th, prepare for some fresh new content with the premiere of Destiny at 2:00 pm on Africa Magic Showcase (ch.151), followed by the timeless classic Sister’s Heart at 3:55 pm on Africa Magic Urban (ch.153).

And finally, rounding off this one-month movie extravaganza is Omugwo, airing on Friday, March 31st at 5:00 pm on Africa Magic Showcase (ch.151). Don’t miss this unforgettable finale.

The movie follows CHIMAMANDA, who is suffering from postpartum depression. Or is it just regular depression? She is at odds with her husband, who cheated on her while pregnant. Her cantankerous but loving mother, who she explicitly asked not to come for Omugwo, is also in town and stressing her out.

One day when her husband has the most significant work pitch of his life, and her mother is determined to teach her how to be a mother, Chimamanda will shock them all. She will redefine what it means to be a wife, daughter, and mother, and all on her terms. No matter the lies, secrets and horrors that come spilling out.

This final week of compelling movie encounters for March boldly expresses Africa Magic’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional and original storytelling to audiences.

This week also marks the end of a fantastic offer. You have one week left to revel in the Step-up promo. When you upgrade from your current package to a higher one, DStv automatically raises you to a higher tier. For instance, if you upgrade from Confam to Compact, DStv will elevate you to Compact Plus, where you’ll access even more compelling content.

This is one more week to indulge in riveting plots, one more week to experience the whirlwind of excitement, and one more week of cinematic splendour. Don’t let it slip away.

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