Enjoy Some Great Old-Fashioned Nollywood Scare With Africa Magic’s Original Horror Film, The Hunter

If there is one thing that Nollywood has always been great at, it’s creating terrifying films. Ask any Nigerian millennial or those born before 2000. They will list several spine-tingling horror films like Karishika, Sakobi, Igodo, End of The Wicked, Diamond Ring, Koto Aiye, and more.

However, since the New Nollywood era, the horror film genre has rested on the back burner. There have been a few notable horror movies, but nothing as frightening as those listed above. That is, until Africa Magic’s ‘The Hunter’ premieres on Sunday, March 18, 2023, at 9 pm on Africa Magic Showcase.

Produced by Theo Ukpa, the film takes you into a village where they slowly begin building a terrifying story that forces your mind to pay rapt attention to avoid missing any minute of the action. Imagine you kill someone, bury them, and then return to your house thinking you have gotten away with murder. The only twist is that the person you killed later comes back to visit you as your only child’s fiancée.

While hunting, AKIDI accidentally kills a stranger in the village. He confides in his wife, and they secretly bury the body. Imagine their shock and horror when they get home to find their daughter distraught because she is looking for her missing fiancée, who is coming from another village and has now disappeared en route. Her description matches that of the man they just buried! The guilt that begins to eat them up quickly turns to complete confusion and dread when the man they are sure they buried walks into their home!

‘The Hunter’ is only one of 40 other brand new films that Africa Magic has been airing since the beginning of March and will continue to air till the month ends. The continent’s most prominent storyteller has been airing a new or Nollywood classic film every day this month in a campaign titled March Madness.

This weekend, alongside ‘The Hunter’, they will air six other films on Urban (DStv ch. 153) and Showcase (DStv ch. 153). The weekend will start with Taxi Driver, a Nollywood classic that features Nkem Owoh (aka Osuofia), on Friday at 4:05 pm on Africa Magic Urban. Other films on that channel are Monica’s Error airing at 9 pm on Saturday, and Deeper Than Love, premiering at 8:30 pm on Sunday.

Showcase will premiere five new films, including The Hunter, this weekend. Don’t Test My Love comes at 5:00 pm on Friday, The Kingmaker is on at 1:30 pm on Saturday, and Hex and Direct Message will air on Sunday at 10:45 am and 8:30 pm, respectively.

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