Event: The Convenient Asshole

Directed and written by Joy Isi Bewaji, The Convenient Asshole is a play that chronicles the story of Charles, a rich suave businessman.

Previous event was a blast and a phenomenal experience. Full of suspense, insightful details from marriages and takeaway lessons from relationships. People do change… Yes. People do lie… Yes. Should we always blame our partner for all wrong doings or take responsibility?

Charles hires a prostitute for the night as the night progresses, it unveils a twist. They both find themselves doing more than agreed and in other forms of business. It is obvious Charles needs therapy and he knows it. But pain isn’t something he can hide.

More on this if you join us next week and see the wonderful acts of @toluwa_wumi @nenenwanyo @bryan_okoye … produced by @joybewaji @writecultureng

Watch “The Convenient Asshole” LIVE at the Oriental Hotel at your favourite time and date.


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