FIFA Election: Who Will Be The Next President?

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), will hold its extraordinary congress on Friday 26th February, whoever wins will be Sepp Blatter’s successor as president will be determined. FIFA’s 207 eligible member states (Kuwait and Indonesia are excluded) will be invited to vote in alphabetical order in a secret ballot from midday. Prince Ali has called for the governing body to use transparent voting booths after claims some candidates photographed their ballots in the 2015 election – which saw outgoing Swiss president Blatter defeat the Jordanian – to inform interested parties of who they were supporting.

Before the commencement of the election, each candidate will have an allotted 15 minutes to address the congregation. It is hoped that voting will commence at around 1.30pm on Friday afternoon but these events are renowned for delays. It is within the bounds of reality, for example, for the various rounds of voting to last into the early evening.

Get to know the candidates.

Gianni Infantino is a 45 year-old, an Italian/Swiss. He is the UEFA General Secretary, he join in 2000 as a lawyer.

His policy: Expanding the World Cup to upwards of 40 nations, ensuring less reputable football countries are represented.

Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim al-Khalifa is a 50 year-old Bahraini, President of the Asian Football Confederation and he is the current Vice-President of FIFA.

His policy: Splitting Fifa into two entities, one for commercial practises and another for footballing operations.

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein is a 40 year old Jordanian. He is the President of Jordan Football Association and founder and president of the West Asian Football Federation, former FIFA vice-president

His policy: Total development of football around the world, quadrupling the amount of money member associations receive to increase sustainability.

Jerome Champagne is a 57 year-old French. A Consultant in international football, a former diplomat who worked at FIFA as an executive and advisor to Sepp Blatter for 11 years.

His policy: Strengthening the role of national associations, involving leagues, clubs and players in the decision-making process.

Tokyo Sexwale is a 62 year-old South African. He is a mining businessman, anti-apartheid campaigner and ex-member of the FIFA anti-discrimination task force.

His policy: Growing and developing football worldwide, enhancing all nations not just the recognised ‘bigger’ countries.


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