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Find Your Tribe: Here Are Eight Types Of Staff You’ll Find On Africa Magic’s Checkout

New year, new show, and Africa Magic took that very seriously! The channel rolled in a new series set in a supermarket as the new year rolled in.  

They basically said, “Here’s a show about people working so you can feel better about putting in the work in 2024”. Okay, maybe not in those exact words, but that’s what Check Out is giving. The series follows the actions and activities of the staff of Treatz Supermarket as they navigate customers, from the crazies to the sweethearts.

The first set of episodes confirmed the theory of finding similar types of people in different workplaces, and as one person can be many things, so are the characters in Check Out. Here are the different types of workers at Treatz Supermarket.

1) The dedicated staff: Every establishment needs staff members who are dedicated to the job and care about whether or not the company stays in business. In Treatz, that heavy burden falls on the newly hired manager, Margaret, and the store’s makeup guru, Ayomide. While it’s Margaret’s job to ensure the store runs smoothly, Ayomide genuinely wants to ensure she has a job and that the supermarket stays open for as long as she’s interested in working there, so she gives it her best.

2) The resident clown: Jamiu is a lot of things, but he is also the life of the party at Treatz Supermarket. He is the funniest, the most approachable and the most determined to keep the energy positive at all times no matter what is happening. Every company needs one of such people, without them life would be boring and work, monotonous.

3) The oversabi: Chinedu, aka Ohio, was on track to become the manager, at least, he thought he was. When Treatz was in between managers, he took on the role and acted as the interim boss while waiting for confirmation. The truth is he wanted the manager role for the title and the pay, but he made it his life decision to show the new manager ‘shege’ for daring to take his place. Trust me, you have one of these people in your office and even though it might kill you to agree, you lowkey hate them.

4) The team gossip: What would a place of work be without gossip? Who will serve the piping hot tea everyone wants to know about? Aunty Dodo fills this position, and she takes the role seriously. Since she’s also the elected ‘store mummy’, she always knows everyone’s gist and is always ready to spill the tea! Trust us, if you want to know when trouble is about to start at your office, you need to befriend these people.

5) The Cool Kids: With Gen-Zs making their way into the workforce, more offices are finding that they have cool kids, and Treatz Supermarket is one of them. The youngest staff members and the true Gen-Zs – Treasure, Zira, and Ozzy are the cool kids with nose piercings and cool haircuts. It’s also quite cute to catch the budding workplace romance between Ozzy and Zira, who the former has tagged “the most beautiful girl in the store”. Don’t ever try too hard around these ones, they can smell ‘desperation’ from a mile away and they won’t be shy about calling it out.

6) The fashionista: Ayomide wants the store to succeed as much as she always wants to look her best. Even though the odd orange and blue colour of their uniforms makes it difficult to look cute, Ayo’s hair is never out of place, her make-up is always intact, and she’s always on hand to dish fashion advice to whoever needs it. If you need tips on how to look your best, find the ‘Ayomide’ in your office and just ask sweetly, we promise she’ll download everything she knows to help you.

7) The superstar wanna-be: Jamiu is more than a cheerful colleague. He is also an aspiring musician. He is always one minute away from bursting into song, and you better believe he’ll resign the moment he catches his big break!

8) The work couple: Even though they make the most unlikely pair, Jamiu and Ayomide are work partners. They are loudly each other’s work-wife and husband. However, Jamiu may actually like Ayomide outside of work because he is always on hand to protect her, make her feel special and help out when necessary. This is possibly the most popular of the category right now, just remember to leave the workplace love in the office to avoid premium breakfast and stories that touch!

Which of these characters can you relate to most? Find out more about your tribe when you watch new episodes of Check Out every weekday at 8 pm on Africa Magic Urban (DStv ch. 153 and GOtv ch. 8). Catch up on old episodes on DStv and GOtv Stream’s Catch Up or on Showmax.


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