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Five Key Lessons We’ve Learnt From Africa Magic’s The Hidden So Far

Africa Magic original, The Hidden, debuted a few weeks ago and has slowly built anticipation and suspense every week with a new episode airing on Sundays.

In a rigged society where the strong prey on the weak, where culture and tradition are used as weapons of oppression and motives are twisted and turned at whim, one woman is determined to turn things around.

Follow the life of Flo-Ade, a woman who has seen it all. She has been through the furnace, lost her loved ones to the brutal dividends of a once thriving career and now seeks redemption by becoming a haven for others who seek refuge even as her calm, near-perfect demeanour hides her thirst for vengeance.

To be honest, you might be missing out on a lot of good drama and lessons if you haven’t been watching the series. But not to worry, we are willing to share some of the key lessons we’ve learnt from the thriller so far:

  • It takes one person to change the status quo

We live in a world full of toxicity, where the strong prey on the weak, and it’s a game of survival of the fittest. Over the years, we have seen women and children end up at the bottom of the barrel, becoming victims of various vices.

However, Flo-ade has consistently shown us over the past few weeks that it takes one courageous person to challenge this status quo. She has shown that it’s alright to speak up and take a stand against the ills of society.

  • There’s strength in community:

While Flo-ade might be leading the fight against so many vices, she has a loyal and dependable sidekick, Kweku, who will do anything to protect her and the victims she saves. He is the Superman to her wonder woman, always ready to fight anyone who would harm Flo and her girls.

  • Be Loyal:

In the series so far, we’ve seen one or two people Flo-ade rescued in the past come back to repay the favour by taking another victim under their care. These women who have survived their version of pain are always ready to help other victims or contribute to their welfare, providing a reliable and loyal network of support for Flo-ade.

  • Everything is not always as they appear to be:

While Flo-ade is a Wonder Woman, she has some secrets that might change her world and the life of the women she has saved. But she is not the only one keeping secrets. Some of these women might also have one or two hidden in their hearts and would only share them when push comes to shove.

Everything is a smokescreen aptly following its title, The Hidden.

  • Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay:

If there’s one thing Flo-ade embodies, it’s strength. But in the fifth episode, we watched her break down and doubt her abilities to save a widow whose in-laws were bent on stripping her honours. Her struggles in the episode only affirm that we are humans and will always have our low moments, but the important thing is to pick and encourage ourselves back up.

The plot is thickening in The Hidden and you might be doing yourself a disservice by missing out on this amazing series. Catch the next episode on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv ch 151) on Sunday at 8.30 p.m.

Missed previous episodes? Not to worry, you can watch all eight episodes on MyDStv Catch Up. Visit for more information to get started.


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