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Five Reasons Why Agu Is A Must-Watch Series On Showmax

As we stride into the New Year, we crave stories that captivate and characters that resonate. We found a gem, Agu, a legal drama series on Showmax, and experienced the sheer joy of discovering a perfect story. Now, you might wonder ‘What makes this so great?’ Read on to find out!

Stellar Cast and Their Captivating Performances

Agu brings together a cast of Nollywood icons and rising talents, each delivering performances beyond the screen. Kanayo O Kanayo plays the lead character, Etim, a down-on-his-luck lawyer tasked with defending Pius, who is on a murder trial, played by Nonso Odogwu. The beautiful Ruby Okezie plays Victoria, the lawyer prosecuting Pius and Etim’s estranged daughter. She artfully delivers a compelling character looking to make a name for herself at her law firm and a daughter who resents her father. Her layered performance adds nuance to the story. Regardless of her mistakes, you are rooting for her.  The cast includes the talented Tina Mba and Iretiola Doyle, women who leave you floored every time they appear on your screen. Mofe Duncan, Uche Montana, and Linda Ejiofor also weave a tapestry of enthralling emotions.

Intriguing Storyline

The story introduces a familiar narrative. Juju is synonymous with KOK’s roles. However, Kanayo’s character, Etim and his client, Pius, are not practitioners. Pius believes in it, but he doesn’t practice. He also believes that although he might have killed his friend, he did not murder him. How do you defend someone who was under the influence of something otherworldly while committing murder? With your daughter as the prosecutor! The court drama is just as compelling as the affairs and family drama. Yes, this is a legal drama, but it is a story of ambition, family and the lengths people go to for legacy and happiness.

Dynamic Character Relationships

A show as compelling as this goes heavy with the characters and their relationships. One of the selling points of Agu is the frayed relationship between Etim and his daughter, Victoria. As much as she hates her father, she still became a lawyer like him. What does that say about her? Is she seeking validation from him even after his neglect? Her choice of profession shows reluctant respect for her father. She is also dating a married man, and the writers ensured that they presented her character realistically. Victoria makes mistakes like every human being. She loves, hates, and has her ambitions. And deep down, she wants to forgive Etim. Agu masterfully crafts relationships that mirror the complexities of real life. From familial strains to professional rivalries, the series paints a rich tapestry of human connections, exploring love, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice with authenticity.

High Production Values

The small screens are ready to compete with the big leagues. The series has such brilliance in its storytelling that it would have been disappointing if the visuals had not matched. However, each frame is a testament to artistic brilliance. It’s a visual feast. Everything was on par with the story, from the costumes to the setting. Kanayo O Kanayo is nearly unrecognisable as Etim. His unkempt beard and the hazardous state of his clothing are impressive. The simplicity of the costumes and realistic settings tie the story together.

Themes that Resonate

Beyond legal drama, Agu touches on universal themes – ambition, corporate ruthlessness, love, and redemption. At the heart of it, Agu is a family story. The characters have lives outside the courtroom, real-life issues that people can resonate with. These themes add depth to the series, making it not just a show you watch but an experience that lingers once the curtains close.

This New Year, it’s not just about watching; it’s about experiencing stories that stay with you. Watch Agu now on and follow conversations on social media with the hashtag #AguShowmax.


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