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Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Collection Of 17 Luxury Cars In 30-Car Garage

…Tags It ‘May Theft Auto’

American boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather also addressed as ‘Money’ Mayweather,  has given his fans a tour of his 17 supercars in his 30-car garage, posted a video on his Instagram alongside the caption: “The Money Team got homes all over the planet.

Floyd, who retired with a boxing record of 50-0, shows off his luxury car collection he tagged ‘May Theft Auto’

“At this particular property, it’s 17 cars in a 30-car garage.”The two other garages hold 5 cars each. I like to call it May Theft Auto,” he said.

In the video, Mayweather spoke about being confused over which car he wants to drive tonight, as he says: “I don’t know what we should take out tonight. We got so many choices, but it’s always gotta be black, always bet on black”.


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