FPRO Says Personnel Dismissed For Extortion Are Constabularies, Not Regular Policemen

The Police Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has said that the Police Special Constabularies, Kareem Fatai, and Jimoh Abdul-Lukman, who were dismissed for demanding money from a Dutch woman rider at the Ojongbodu area along Iseyin/Ogbomosho Road in Oyo, Oyo State were not regular police personnel but constabularies.

He stressed that they are constabularies, employed by state governments to assist communities, and are placed under the supervision of their respective divisional police officers.

During an appearance on TVC This Morning, Olumuyiwa said, “Let me clarify one thing, those men you see in police uniform black black, they are not police personnel, they are constabularies police.

“These constabularies are those that with the help of state governments are employed to help various communities but they are placed under the supervision of their various and respective divisional police officers.

“So those ones captured in that viral video demanding money from the Dutch rider, they were not police personnel per se. they are constabularies. However, they are still under the supervision of the police and that is why the Oyo state police command CP Hamzat took that step yesterday.

“They have been in detention since the incident occurred and have passed through disciplinary procedures of the police and the end product of it was what you experienced yesterday in the news that the men were dismissed.”

The Nigerian Police Force on Thursday dismissed Kareem Fatai and Jimoh Abdul-Lukman, two special police constables, for demanding money from a Dutch tourist in Oyo state.



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