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Frank Edoho Reaffirms That He Has Never Beat Any Woman

Popular television host, actor, ‘Who Wants To Be A Billionaire’ host, Frank Edoho has reaffirmed that he has never beat any woman, not to talk of beating his ex-wife, Katherine Obiang, as opposed to the rumours about him that circulated in 2013.

Edoho made the reaffirmation while speaking with the Teju Babyface on the King of Talks podcast.

The host, Teju asked him about the allegations levied against him that he is a wife beater. When asked weather he knows where the allegations came from, he replied that he doesn’t know, adding that he does not possess any of the characteristics of a wife-beater.

He said, “Why are you beating a woman? Then what? I don’t do that and anyone that says that is a big fool because I support women.

“Anybody that is a wife beater, first of all, looks at all women like they’re beneath them, so beneath them that they can trample upon them.”

Going on, Frank cited an instance that shows how supportive he is to his wife, noting that he learned photography to help her take professional pictures of her work as an interior designer.

Through that instance, he emphasised that no wife-beater would support their wife, and he is no wife-beater.

In his words, “I did Photoshop and Lightroom, learned photography, learned cinematography for my wife and her business and I stand by her and her business. If she ever needs me, I’d be there in a pinch and she knows that.”

Frank said boldly that he never laid a hand on his ex-wife, Katherine, his current wife, Sandra Onyenucheya, or any woman he has ever worked with.

The Who Wants To Be A Billionaire host revealed that he prefers to stay quiet and keep malice during an argument.

He and the mother of his three children, Katherine, split up in 2011 and the marriage finally ended in 2013.

During their marriage, the domestic abuse rumours raged on but the actor has stands firmly on his case that it never happened.


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