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Ghanaian Man Tests Spiritual Bulletproof Power, Dies Instantly

Ghanaian police has commenced investigation on a disturbing video of a group of young Ghanaian men engaged in a gun shooting to show off the potency of their bulletproof spiritual powers.

The bulletproof power test led to the death of one of them, identified as Amoh Kwadwo a.k.a Mallam, on 25th August, 2023, at Ayiem in the Western Region.

In the video, just seconds after the gun was fired, the 28-year-old was seen falling to the ground appearing lifeless.

Before the fatal gunfire, the supposed leader of the group could be seen touting the potency of the juju, bragging that bullets don’t penetrate them and that any gunfire targeted at them would be a waste of bullets.

The video which has since gone viral and attracted numerous reactions has got many Ghanaians talking and lamenting the unfortunate death of the young man.

However, the police have arrested one of the men in the video while a search for the rest is ongoing.

The Ghana Police Service said in a statement released on Sunday, August 27, 2023, that the other suspects yet to be apprehended should surrender to the nearest police station.

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect, Emmanuel Quayco, together with five other accomplices currently on the run, was in the process of exhibiting the potency of their alleged spiritual powers when he shot and killed the deceased, Amoh Kwadwo alias Mallam, with a single-barrel gun loaded with an AA cartridge.

“The suspect is currently in Police custody assisting the investigation while efforts are underway to arrest the other five suspects to face justice. They are advised to surrender to the nearest Police Station or be fished out from their hideouts,” Ghana Police Service said.

In June 2021, a masquerade who was reported to have been displaying magical powers for a long time was disappointed as a bullet penetrated him.

The incident occurred during a masquerade festival in Igbope, Igboho in Nigeria’s Oyo state.

The said masquerade was just one of many others who were showing off the potency of their spiritual powers when they failed him.

It is reported that he was attempting to show that he was bulletproof but the bullets fired at him penetrated his body.


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