Gombe Bans Illegal Nightclubs, Brothels

The Gombe State Chairman Task Force Committee on closure of all ‘gala houses’ and joints, Group Captain Bitrus Bilal (retd.), on Friday, banned illegal nightclubs and brothels while lamenting proliferation in the conversion of homes in the state.

Recently, the committee closed all local nightclubs, also known as ‘gala houses’ in the metropolis, following reports that they accommodate criminals.

Bilal said, “Some land owners have continued to allow their property to be used as Gala houses, brothels or unlicensed night clubs, some have converted private houses into night clubs/hotels without approvals or change of purpose from responsible state agencies like GOSUPDA, GOGIS and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

“For the avoidance of doubts, all Gala houses (by whatever name called), all brothels and all unlicensed nightclubs operating within the jurisdiction of Gombe State are banned from conducting their respective activities. The ban includes the closure and prohibition of any new Gala House, brothel and all unlicensed nightclubs among others from operating within the State.

“Henceforth, any land owner that directly or indirectly allows his property to be used as a Gala house, brothel or unlicensed night club shall have that property confiscated by the government and may be demolished or converted into a place for public use as contained in the executive order number 006 of 2023.

“Violators of this order shall be subject to penalties as prescribed by the existing laws and regulations, including but not limited to fines, closure of establishments and legal prosecution.”

Lamenting the challenge, Bilal said the warning was a sequel to the committee’s meeting, adding that, “there are still the reports of the activities of some establishments; Gala Houses, brothels and unlicensed night clubs, within Gombe State where illegal and immoral activities take place and are used as sanctuaries of some criminal elements.”

Bilal added, “These activities are in spite the effort of the Task Force in carrying out some demolitions and closure of some of these establishments as it recently was appreciated by the citizens and some concerned religious organisations.

“Some of these establishments in question are still used to harbour fugitives from justice, propagate illegal and immoral activities in some parts of the State all against the state government’s effort to protect public welfare, promote moral values and to ensure safety and wellbeing of its citizens.”


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