Governor Yusuf Vows to Expose Alleged Illegal Land Beneficiaries In Kano

Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf  vowed to publish the names of individuals who allegedly received illegal land allocations from the former governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, at the Kano Polytechnic.

Governor Yusuf made the vow on Monday, 19 June, 2023 during his speech at the Government House, adding that that 70 percent of the lands allocated at the polytechnic were reportedly allotted to Ganduje’s wife, Dr. Hafsat Ganduje, and their children.

He further expressed his concerns regarding the misuse of public property, stating, “The place belongs to the masses. It is supposed that a hostel is built there, create lecture theatres, and sports complex for the benefit of students, rather they converted.”

According to the governor,  his commitment to restoring the lost glory of the tertiary institution and declared his intention to disclose the names of other beneficiaries who had allegedly misused lands designated for educational purposes.

The governor also alleged fraudulent activities surrounding a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement for the Daula five-star hotel.

He claimed that the son-in-law of Ganduje, who serves as the Managing Director of the Kano State Urban Planning and Development Agency (KNUPDA) had approved the demolition of a school and subsequent construction of a hotel on the land.

The developer of the property, Lamash, was said to be associated with Ganduje’s son-in-law and daughter. Governor Yusuf encouraged concerned parties to verify the claims with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

On the purported transformation of the Hajj camp, which previously housed 130 buildings for pilgrims, a police station, a court, a mosque, and other facilities, the governor alleged that the camp was sold and subsequently demolished for profit.

Governor Yusuf condemned these actions, stating, “It was a fraud and a way to steal government property.”

His allegations have sent shockwaves through Kano State, prompting calls for investigations and accountability.

The public eagerly awaits the publication of the alleged beneficiaries’ names and the subsequent actions to be taken to address these concerning issues.


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