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Group Alleges Ibadan N’East PDP Party Chair Of Threatening Delegates Over Choice Of Aspirants 

A group within Oyo state chapter of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Concerned People Frontiers (CPF) has alleged the Ibadan North East Party Chairman, Isiaka Fatokun popularly known as Abuye of threatening the delegates and other executives, who are not on same page with him on the choice of the aspirant for the primary of Ibadan North East/South East Federal Constituency.

The group in a statement on Wednesday signed by its Coordinator and Secretary, Adewale Ajani and Kunle Fasasi respectively alleged that Abuye and other cabal in the local government are threatening to remove any executive, who refuses to support their bid during the coming primary for the Ibadan North East/ Ibadan South East Federal Constituency.

The group has earlier explained that there are strong indications that some power broker within the party are planning consensus candidature through kangaroo primaries.

The group declared that the planned adoption of consensus candidate by some leaders and cabal in the costituency will further deepen the crisis within the ruling party in the costituency and state as a whole. 

The group accused the party chairman, Abuye of trying to circumvent the popular rule of democratic engagement by forcing, ordering the delegates to vote for his prefered choice of aspirant.

The group alleged further that the party chairman in the local government and some cabal have been holding series of secretive meetings with excos to prevail on them to support and vote for the aspirant of his choice during the primary or be removed.

According to the statement, “It has come to our notice that the Party Chairman in Ibadan North East is trying his possible best to foist an aspirant over others in the coming primary of Ibadan North East/South East Federal Constituency by threatening the delegates.

“We can also boldly disclosed that in a series of meetings with delegates, Abuye was bragging that any delegate that refuse to vote for his preferred aspirant will be removed from any position the person is holding.

“We also not unaware that Abuye while threatening them, he told them that they would be showing him their ballot paper to be sure of the aspirant they voted for during the primary. 

“The local government party chairman has been fingered to be in support and side with an aspirant from the local government and he has been holding secret meetings with party excos and delegates directing them towards canvassing for his preferred aspirant.

“We hereby appeal to his Excellency Gov. Seyi Makinde, Hon. Dayo Ogungbenro, The PDP State Party Chairman, The Party Secretary, Hon Wasiu Adeleke and other state and local government executives to call Isiaka Fatokun Abuye to order against taking the party at the local government level back to disarray and disorderliness.

“It is expected of the party chairman in Ibadan north east local government to be on the neutrality and be a leader to all, and on our observation it has been noticed that Abuye is fearing a democratic process for primary election to allow the majority go for whoever the party vote for as flag bearer.

“He knows that his preffered aspirant cannot win in a free and fair contest, hence, looking for all possible means to foist his preferred aspirant on others.

“If his preferred aspirant is popular enough and have the capacity to win, why wanting to hijack and canvass for a particular aspirant for selfish and personal benefits.

“In conclusion, and having come this far, we state in categorical terms that we are ready and advocate for a free and fair primary, and we advise the party local government chairman to stay neutral and complement the good works of his excellency governor Seyi Makinde who at all times wants fairness and justice.”

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Raji Adebayo, Ibadan

Editor, South-West, Lagos Post Online Email: raji_adebayong@yahoo.com M: 08034094059

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