Group Chastises Agboworin For His Alleged Ingratitude, Uncouth Behaviours Towards Political Leaders

A Group within the Oyo State People’s Democratic Party ( PDP), PDP Youth Initiative has chastised the House of Representative member representing Ibadan South East/ North East Federal Constituency, Hon. Abass Adigun Agboworin for his effrontery in consistently insulting and disrespecting the party’s Deputy National Chairman (South), Alhaji Taofeek Arapaja.

The group said Agboworin who it described as a neophyte in politics and who was said to have getting to his present position through ‘a manipulated primary’ thought he has achieved all by being a member of the House of Representatives and has therefore decided to bite the fingers that fed him.

In a release by the PDP Youth Initiative on Thursday signed by its President, Wasiu Ojo and Secretary, Ezekiel Alao, it said the behaviour of Agboworin towards Alhaji Taofeek Arapaja is uncalled for.

The group therefore called on leaders in the Federal Constituency to call Agboworin to order and screen properly those that that will represent the party in future elections, saying they must be people who passed the Omoluabi Integrity test.

According to the statement: “Agboworin, stands as a stark testament to the depths of ingratitude and uncouth behaviour that can plague politics.

“His ascension to power was not through merit or the will of the people, but rather through the dark machinations of a manipulated primary election in 2022. Far from being a true representative of the people, he is a puppet installed by forces with their own agendas, utterly disconnected from the needs and desires of the constituency he purports to serve.

“Instead of showing gratitude for his undeserved elevation, Agboworin has shamelessly turned his back on those who facilitated his rise, particularly his most recent effrontery in consistently insulting and disrespecting a political icon in the person of Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, the party’s Deputy National Chairman (South).

“For Agboworin to be messing up with our leader, Alhaji Arapaja is nothing but showing Agboworin as an Ingrate for biting the finger that fed him.

“Before Agboworin started growing into thinking he would join politics, Alhaji Taofeek Arapaja has gone to the House of Representatives, was a former deputy Governor in our dear state , Oyo and he was a former Nigerian Ambassador. Currently, he is the Deputy National Chairman of the PDP . So he is a national leader.

“The question begging for answer is why the insult and the desperacy from a political neophyte like Agboworin, an Ingrate to bring our national leader down.

“His disrespect towards figures who helped shape his political career is a testament to his character, or rather, lack thereof. Ingratitude seems to be the hallmark of his tenure, a quality wholly unbefitting of a public servant.

“Furthermore, Agboworin lack of education and refinement is evident in his demeanour and actions. He demonstrates a profound ignorance that renders him unfit to represent the ever-vibrant people of Ibadan Southeast and Northeast federal constituency. His illiteracy is not merely academic but extends to a fundamental lack of understanding of his responsibilities as a lawmaker”.

The group further said, “Agboworin’s tenure has been marred by numerous atrocities, chief among them is his alleged involvement in campaign fracases that resulted in loss of life. These incidents remain under investigation, casting a dark shadow over his legitimacy as a representative.

“The fact that such allegations hang over his head speaks volumes about his character and suitability for office. Rather than embodying the values of integrity and accountability, he embodies corruption and impunity.

“The time has come for the authorities to make the outcome of their investigation’s public. The people have a right to know the extent of Agboworin culpability in these matters. Transparency is essential in holding public officials accountable for their actions, especially when those actions have resulted in tragedy. Justice must be served, and if Agboworin is found guilty of wrongdoing, he must face the full consequences of the law.

“Agboworin, is a disgrace to the office he holds and to the people he claims to represent. His ingratitude, disrespect, and incompetence are glaring deficiencies that render him unworthy of public trust. The sooner he is removed from power and held accountable for his actions, the better for the constituents of Ibadan Southeast and Northeast federal constituency”.


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