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Here’s Everything We Predict Will Happen On RHOLagos Season 2

Season two of The Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOLagos) started streaming on the 29th of September and the buzz has been real! With just two episodes in, the wives have given us a lot to talk about. From shaky friendships, makeups, silent dramas, and even an introduction of a male friend to the group, we can say this season is off to a good start.

As the season continues to play out, we couldn’t stop thinking about what’s more to come, so we gathered some juicy predictions for this season. Let’s go!

Drama! Drama! Drama!

What’s The Real Housewives without some juicy drama? The first season was fiery, and it can only get better from there. We expect tensions to rise, especially with unresolved issues from last season and the introduction of two new personalities. The first episode already gave us a hint that Iyabo Ojo and Mariam Timmer are ready for war this season and we’re ready to see it!

New friendships, makeup and alliances

Mariam and Toyin have seemingly made up, but Mariam’s confessional makes us wonder how long this will last. We suspect this ship will have a few hiccups along the way. Also, is it too early to predict a Toyin and Faith friendship?

Also, the reunion last season saw a showing of hands. Toyin tried to physically attack Chioma, and that has caused a rift in their relationship, but recent events have brought them together. With Iyabo’s mediation, they have resolved their issues, but remember, with these queens, nothing is ever certain, and we predict a blowout. Is the hatchet buried or being sharpened?

Fashion extravaganza

Lagos’ biggest ladies come correct every time with fashion, and we’ve already been given a taste with Chioma’s closet auction. This season, the dresses will be extra and even more fabulous. We’re still not over Faith’s gorgeous entrance look in the first episode, and we need more!  


Cupid has been doing its thing this season as Chioma and Iyabo give fans glimpses of their love lives.

 We’re getting more this season, for sure. Romantic or chaotic? We’ll see.

New faces, new drama

Tania and Faith, the fresh faces of RHOLagos, will bring their excitement, and boy, are we ready?! Faith is already giving the ladies a run for their money, and Tania, while reserved, should not be underestimated.

We’re only predicting here, but one thing’s certain – viewers are in for a treat. Head over to Showmax right away so you don’t miss a moment! The third episode of RHOLagos drops exclusively tomorrow, Friday, 13th October and we cannot wait to see more fabulousness.


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