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Hilda Baci Reveals She Auditioned For ‘Big Brother Naija’ 5 Times Before Cook-A-Thon

Guinness world record holder, Chef Hilda Baci, has revealed that she auditioned for Big Brother Naija five different times.

Shedisclosed that she was not chosen through the five auditioned, and this happened before her Cook-A-Thon.

The chef made revealed this while appearing as a guest on The Big Friday Show hosted by ‘BBNaija’ star Tacha.

She noted that she decided to audition for the Big Brother Naija show while still planning her record-breaking attempt.

Baci also added that she planned to hold her cook-a -thon after coming out of the Big Brother house, but she was never selected.

She said, “I tried to get on Big Brother Naija for a while. I think I auditioned about four or five times. The plan for the cook-a-thon was still in the pipeline, so my goal was to go to Big Brother and then come out and do the cook-a-thon.”

Going on, Hilda acknowledged the idea that her plans fell through because God had better plans for her. She took the rejection as a sign to focus on what she does best, cooking.

In her words, “But I guess God just knew, he was like you know what, this is fine just focus on this, this is going to take a lot more from you.”

Baci is known for breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual by cooking for a total of 93 hours and 11 minutes in May 2023.

Her four-day cooking marathon was held in Lekki, Lagos State, during which she received huge supports from Nigerians both at home and diaspora.

After weeks of waiting, it was finally announced that she followed their guidelines and set a new world record.

However, due to a timing error in her breaks, she broke the record by 93 hours 11 minutes instead of the 100 hours 40 minutes she had calculated.

Regardless, she officially received her certificate from the Guinness World Book of Records in June 2023 and has climbed higher up the success ladder since then.


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