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Hook, Line, and Sinkah Put A New Spin On Bromance At Its Finest, And We Are Here For It!

Africa Magic rang in the new year with a bang. They released four new television series for the weekly primetime slate, one of which was Hook, Line and Sinkah.

With only three released episodes, the show has held fans spellbound, trending organically during its first episode. Naysayers will claim it trended because Big Brother Naija fans supported one of the lead cast members, Soma, who plays Sodiq. But fanbase or not, no one will watch a terrible show only because a Big Brother Naija star is on it, so the show must have some merit.

So far, it’s clear that Hook, Line, and Sinkah focuses on three step-brothers with what can only be described as a wealthy and philandering father. The brothers – Ugo (Charles Born), Sodiq (Somadina Anyama), and Kenny (Floyd Igbo) – have heard of each other but had never met until they landed in their father’s house. The brothers, three of over fourteen other children, are the only ones who lent themselves to their father’s design program to help them become successful.

The program comes with a fully stocked house and instructions that they can’t leave unless they all forfeit their benefits for joining. The first episode was a little chaotic as the brothers each accessed the house with keys they got prior and bumped into each other most hilariously.

The show is supposed to be comedic, and the brothers try to deliver their lines with as much humour, but they sometimes miss the mark. Thankfully, it also has elements of drama, with guests like Bunmi (played by Saskay) and a very sexy Neighbour, Vanessa (Chidinma Udemadu), who cause rivalry over who gets to be with whom.

The brothers’ individual lives also leave room for drama. Sodiq is a struggling goody two-shoes lawyer. Ugo is an upcoming ‘delulu’ podcaster. Despite being the ‘brokest’ of the three, he convinced himself he is the family’s celebrity. Kenny is a case study of what not to do when you ‘Japa’. He returned at only 25 years old from the United States as a divorcee who lost the right to see his kids and is on the run from the FBI for hacking into a federal agency.

The show still has many more layers to uncover. So far, the brothers are exuding enjoyable chemistry. The usual dynamics between brothers, where they prank each other, support where needed, and sometimes hold each other accountable, make the show a good watch. The storytelling is exceptional, the acting is at least a ‘7’, and there’s proof that it will only get better.

The real questions are – will the brothers survive living together long enough to be successful, or are they all wasting their time? And, who will get what girl or any girl at all? Find out when the new episodes premiere on Africa Magic Showcase at 8:30 pm every Wednesday and Thursday.


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