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How Kidnappers In Military Uniform Abducts Passengers In Lagos +Video 

A Lagos based skate coach has narrated his experience with kidnappers who picked him up and others at Lekki/Ikoyi Roundabout in Lagos State.

According to the coach, after his training sessions which ended by 7pm, he decided to board a commercial bus because it would save him from the stress of driving.

He stated that when he got into a bus going to Iyana Oworo, he noticed a weird smell of gas which induces sleep, so this prompted him to bring out his handkerchief and spit on it.

He noted that he started inhaling his handkerchief which he spat on and he noticed that some guys coincidentally brought out their nose masks. 

In a few seconds, the driver turned back and noticed he was awake, so he asked him why he was not asleep as others had done.

The coach stated that he then realised that the men were kidnappers, so he started begging them to let him go and take his phone, a Samsung Galaxy X22 which is about N1.3 million, his gold necklace and  ATM card for them to empty his account but they refused and said the only place they would let him get down is at the place they would cut his body parts.

When they noticed that he was shouting, they took another direction and stopped under Adeniji Bridge, which he said was very dark, and brought him out.

He said they started using daggers, cutlasses, knives and different objects on him, but they didn’t penetrate because he had fortified himself.

He noted that when the kidnappers noticed that the stabbing attempts were not successful, they decided to hold his hands and legs and force the knife on his neck which gave him marks but it was also abortive.

Then their leader told them to lie him down and use their boots to crush his head.

He stated that about six of them held him and used their boots to hit his head, eyes and wanted to knock him out.

He noted that after some minutes, he realised that he was getting dizzy and about to faint, so he reached out for his bag which was on the floor.

While narrating his ordeal, the coach coughed out blood and noted that he was bleeding internally.

Continuing, he noted that he brought out a knife from his bag and started waving it in the air which caught one of the kidnappers on his tummy, another in his eyes and another on the neck which caused them to start bleeding profusely.

He added that their leaders then told them to leave him because he would die from what had been done to him and that they already had those who were asleep in the bus. 

He noted that the kidnappers then drove off.

The coach stated that his nose was broken, that he was bleeding internally, that his eyes was damaged and his mouth was broken.

He concluded that he wanted to clean up and go to the hospital for medical attention, while noting that the kidnappers were northerners.

He said that they have entered Lagos State, while recalling the other passengers who were kidnapped.

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