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How To Apply For Lagos Ride ‘LagRide’

What Is Lagos Ride?

The Lagos Ride Scheme is firstly aimed to take off all rickety cars being used as taxis on the roads across the state by providing alternatives to the operators who are not owners of the vehicles to become owners through the “lease to own scheme”. 

The Lagos Ride Scheme provides the driver/operator with the right to own the car after the car is fully paid for within 3-4 years.

How To Apply For Lagos Ride? 

Application details and processes are online through Lagos Ride and further links on android & IOS play stores by searching lagosride.

Is Govt Running A Taxi Business?

NO: This is an empowerment programme for the citizens of the State who fall into any of these categories. 

The Unemployed or Workers under the present taxis scheme who are not owners of the taxis they are operating.

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The Maintenance Question: 

The vehicles are from GAC Motors is presently located in Lagos with over five present maintenance centres and the creation of additional 6 centres through the construction of new service centres & partnership with existing LACVIS test centres.

The Lagos State Government signed a joint venture with GAC Motors in 2020 to establish an assembly plant for local assembling of vehicles thereby making the cars readily available/affordable. The plant is at 60% completion with an annual capacity for over 5,000 cars.

Why Is This Different From The Present Taxi System In Lagos? 

It is an empowerment scheme for the residents of Lagos State which guarantees ownership of the car after full payment is done with low access deposit.


It is security embedded with dashboard cameras installed in each car for real-time monitoring of the car, passengers, and drivers’ activities for safety purposes.

All the cars are uniformly painted with unique numbers on each car for  identification and safety.


With the technology its operations will be deployed on, ride-sharing is possible for passengers (who agree to share rides) thereby reducing commuting costs.

The scheme provides brand new cars and not used cars which provides dignity for the riders and low emission rate to the environment thereby reducing the impact of emission on climate.

More Cars On The Road? 

The Lagos Ride aimed to take off all rickety cars being used as taxis on our roads, providing alternatives to the operators of these vehicles who are not owners of the vehicles to become owners. 

Type Of Vehicles Available

Two forms of GAC vehicle will be used for the scheme

i. GS3 model – a mini SUV

ii. GA4 model – a full saloon car with full options

More Features

– Comprehensive Insurance Policy

– LASG E-Hailing Levy

– An android phone given to each driver/operator loaded with the apps.

– Full vehicle registration cost

– Dashboard camera that gives audio and video feed accessible remotely

– 360 coverage inside and outside the car.

– A physical panic button that can be used by anybody inside the car in case of assault or emergency which is connected to the control command centre

A SOS button on the driver’s app and the user’s app that all connected to the command centre for action

Training and Certification with Lagos State Drivers Institute for the operators.

Operator’s office;

Lagos Ride Limited at 2nd Floor, 62 Campbell Street, Lagos Island.

Tel: 01-3438161

Email:[email protected]

[email protected]

Socialmedia: @mylagosride 

(Facebook,Twitter and Instagram)


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