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How To Make Money By Watching Big Brother Naija

BBNaija is unarguably the biggest reality TV show in Nigeria, and even though some people love to hate it, most are either watching or at least following the show through social media.

Why must you be one of those just watching when you can also make money off the show? If that piqued your interest and you are wondering how to turn a show you watch 24/7 on DStv ch. 198, GOtv ch. 49, Showmax, or DStv Stream into a money-making venture; just read this.

Here are six ways you can turn watching your favourite show into a moneymaker:

1. Create out-of-the-box written content about the show: You could honestly blog about the show like a regular blogger or media house, but there are at least a hundred Nigerian sites like that. Find a way to make your content stand out by blogging creatively. You can share unique points of view, make comical content from the show or turn it into a high school drama, just ask Zikoko how to do that last one.

2. Be the ultimate social media updater, respectfully: One way to turn your deep interest in BBNaija into money is by taking that love into social media. You could be the first to drop gist from the house about everything or find a niche. Most people choose to update all happenings, but that comes with a caveat. You must find creative ways to write about the show on social and accompany it with a clip. Just note that posting a clip longer than 60 seconds or multiple 60-second clips about a situation is frowned upon. Don’t let your moneymaker disappear in the night due to IP infringement. What’s key? Be smart and fast!

3. Try luck in the Fave Lock-in competition: Try your luck in the Fave Lock-in competition: There’s another way that requires minimal effort, good luck and brilliant calculation skills. All you have to do is decide which three housemates will make it to the top three and enter their names into the Fave Lock-in competition. So long as you have an active DStv and GOtv subscription, you qualify to win N1 million at the show’s end if your prediction turns out right. PRO TIP: Keeping your subscription running throughout the season will give you a better chance than others.

4. Become a BBNaija housemate manager: If there are housemates who do not already have management, then this is your chance to become one and make some money. You must find a way to contact them, have a great proposition they can refuse and then pitch yourself to become their manager. If there’s any season you should want to manage a housemate from, it should be this All-Stars season. All jokes apart, these guys will have deals lined up for them outside this house, and as a manager, you’ll get your cut. See?

5. Share your opinions on your social media: It’s one thing to update as things happen in the house. That is a race to be the first to announce something; imagine you are Chimmie HQ. What we are asking you to do here is much different. After something happens, take a moment to shoot a video where you share your opinions. One way to make the best of this is by giving balanced viewpoints that consider all sides, respectfully discussing the issues with no cuss words, and refusing to drag the organisers over the actions of grown people.

6. Broker deals for evicted housemates and take a cut: You don’t have to be anyone’s manager to make money off them. It’s okay if none of the All-Stars housemates needs a manager right now; we’ll teach you a hack. If you have access to or know how to get the housemates’ mouth-watering deals, go ahead and do it. Just ensure you present it to them with an air-tight FAIR contract and include the percentage you want from the offer.

You see, one way or the other, either through social media, websites, accurate guessing, or just utilizing your business skill, it is possible to turn your BBNaija love into money, so what are you waiting for?


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