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Husband Meets Another Man In His Matrimonial Bedroom, Shares Video Online

A husband has shared a video of a shocking moment of him meeting another man in his matrimonial bedroom.

The husband was seen in the video questioning the stranger he found in his bedroom.

In the video which was shared on TikTok and later to the X (formerly known as Twitter), the husband walked into the stranger in his bedroom.

The stranger was on the man’s bed and had covered the lower part of his body with a blanket. The man of the house questioned what he was doing in his house and asked his daughter, Bella, to witness the situation.

“Why are you in my bedroom? What are you doing with my wife? Someone get Bella. Where do you work? Can I see your ID, please? Let me see your ID.”

The stranger responded: “Let me get it.”

The man of the house then changed his mind and asked the man to stay seated. “No stay there, stay there. What do you want here? This is my home. This is my house. I built it from the first brick. Tell me what are you doing here?

The man pleaded for his life, asking the husband not to end it. “The thing is, I visited this place, and this lady came, and she told me… don’t kill me. I am called Jerom… Please don’t kill me. I am my mother’s eldest boy.”

The husband angrily held the man by his shirt and made sure he revealed where his ID was. “This is my mattress. I bought it with my money. This is my mattress. I bought it with my money. This is my mosquito net. I bought it with my money. What are you doing in my house? I don’t care if you mess around with someone’s wife.”

Watch the video below:


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