I Always Cried Myself To Sleep Because Of My Boobs —Mimi Ubini

Mimi Ubini

Nollywood actress and Blogger, Mimi Ubini has revealed that growing up with big breasts is not all as enchanting as many may think because, according to a post she shared on Instagram, it has its many downsides as she found out the hard way among her peers and older people.

She said she always cried herself to sleep because her boobs were way bigger than girls of her age and when she turned 16 they simply snowballed.

“Growing up, I hated my boobs.  I used to cry every night, Lord why me? Why do I have boobs at the tender age of 9 when my mates were all flat chested? At the age of 9 my school teachers, lesson teachers and random guys were already toasting me.

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Then, I couldn’t understand why grown men were always buying me biscuits, sweets or ice cream.

Then one day my mother wanted to punish me the usual way by taking off my clothes to flog me. Viola, when she raised my dress it was my breasts that fell out to greet her.

She screamed and called the attention of the neighbours . I just stood there wishing the ground would swallow me.

Did I give myself breasts? I thought to myself. My classmates in primary school didn’t make life any easier either,” she wrote.

“At the age of sixteen, they were already like big size paw paw, very big, round and sitting proudly on my chest.

When my mates were all rocking tank tops I was forbidden to ever wear it, why? I don’t know.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of going for breast reduction,” she added.

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