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“I always knew that I wanted to do comedy” — Layi Wasabi

Nigerian skit maker, Isaac Olayiwola, popularly known as Layi Wasabi revealed that he had always knew that he wanted to do comedy.

The skit maker also known as ‘The Law’ has taken the internet by storm with his unique style of comedy.

He now talks about how he came up with his alter ego, ‘The Law’ as a guest on the BTS Reality podcast.

Layi spoke about the inspiration behind his alter ego; a lawyer named the law. He emphasised that he always knew he wanted to be a comedian.

In his words, “I always knew that I wanted to do comedy, from school I had always been the class clown so I knew that this is what I’d do at the end of the day.

“When I told my class teacher that I wanted to be a comedian, she said ‘What is funny?'”

Layi is a full-fledged lawyer by profession interestingly enough, and according to him, that’s where he derives the material for his content.

He noted that he infused a lot of his personality into his alter ego and other characters in his skits.

He said, “I think I started to do that lawyer character more because the persona is not just scripting, I’ve now become that guy lowkey.”

The actor also noted that he’s able to bring his characters to life by having them sound like people he met and heard during his childhood while growing up in Osun state.

Going further, he recalled his mother’s reaction to him telling her that he wanted to become a comedian at nine years old.

According to his comical narration, his mother had a typical reaction when declared that his career path of choice, ‘over her body.’

Watch full interview interview:


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