I Never Cornered Church Money, God provided — Oyedepo 

The Presiding Bishop and founder of the Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel International, David Oyedepo, has shared insights on how he depended on God to meet his needs, adding that he never “cornered church money.”

During his sermon titled “The Bible: A Most Reliable Guide to Life,” which was streamed live on the church’s YouTube channel on Sunday, Oyedepo highlighted the importance of relying on God’s words to solve life’s problems.

He said, “I asked when God told me to go into full-time ministry, ‘Lord, who pays me?’ because I’m not cultured to beg. I was sincere. Every sincere question has an answer with Jesus.

“Suddenly the word came: ‘after these things, He appointed seventy others also, and the labourer is worthy of his wages.”

Emphasising ‘appointed,’ Oyedepo explained that the response he got from God was “You are in my employment, I am responsible, just stay on duty.”

Oyedepo added, “Light of life. I have not looked for who pays me since then, till tomorrow, and till I go to heaven.

“We have never prayed for what to eat in my family. The five loaves of bread and two fishes were more than enough.

“I never cornered church money of N1 to my side. The light of life is so important; it shows you the way to go.”

Oyedepo further mentioned how God guided him on His purpose for marriage and the principles of building his church.

“Why is this church not growing? He took me through the lines of four points that could grow a church in the desert,” Oyedepo added as he encouraged his congregation to “reach out for the light.”


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