I Will Restore Nigeria To Its Place As The Giant Of Africa, Says Fayemi

Presidential aspirant and Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi of the All Progress Congress (APC) on Sunday described some aspirants of the party as pretenders, adding that “we are only five Presidential aspirants in the APC.”

He state this while addressing Niger State APC delegates at the Government House, Minna, that he can remake Nigeria without unmaking the country, adding that “Nigeria would be restored to its place as the giant of Africa”.

According to him, “the campaign of aspirants has separated the pretenders from the contenders. This is a season of visits and states keep receiving us.

“The list of Presidential aspirants says there are 23 but only five of us are going around the country. With this, you can separate the pretenders from the contenders”.

Fayemi said that when he becomes the President, he would work towards addressing the insecurity challenges bedevilling the country, adding that triggers of insecurity will be addressed while more attention would be paid to intelligence and technology.

He further said that the headache of the government has always been the power supply, “Nigerians are not fully happy with us that we have not been able to move towards uninterrupted power supply.

“I think in addition to the national grid, we need to have regional grids, mini-grids, microgrids that would decentralize power supply to the local levels and this would address this challenge that we all face. Once we address the challenges of power, we address the problem of industrialization and productivity in the country”, he said.

In his response, Niger state Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello said that the Presidential aspirant had sold himself very well, adding that if he was given the option and privilege to appoint a President, he would appoint Fayemi as Nigeria’s President.

Referring to Fayemi’s statement on pretenders and contenders, Bello confirmed that only five Presidential aspirants have been to the state out of a large number of aspirants.

Accordingly, he said “You have been here at least three or four times before now. You have been a close friend to Niger state. It is not now that there is a need for support that people are coming.

“We are gradually becoming political liars because when everybody comes, we do not know what to tell them. Only five or six people have been to the state, I hope it remains that way”.

Bello assured Fayemi of his support and that of the delegates of the state, saying, “you can count on my support. If you become president, I will relax because I know I will have easy access to you.”


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