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Independence: Nigeria Will Overcome Present Challenges With Equity, Justice, Adegoke Charges Nigerians 

An Ibadan chief, Olooye Adegboyega Taofeek Adegoke has declared that with equity, justice, sincerity, and fair play, Nigeria will overcome its present challenges as he felicitated the people of Oyo State and Nigerians as a whole on the 62nd Independence Anniversary of the country.

Some of the problems facing the country include insecurity, corruption, high inflation, economic instability, political warfare, and a lack of patriotism among the citizens.

Adegoke who is the Aare-Onibon Balogun of Ibadanland has, however, advised the citizens to use all that they have to promote peace and unity among themselves.

He said the promotion of peace, unity, justice, equity, and fair play will go long way for the country to overcome the present challenges.

Adegoke, who is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solutions 93.9FM,  Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, made the charges in his 62nd Independence anniversary message to felicitate Nigerians, also urging them to exercise faith and hope.

While insisting that these are ways out of the present problems facing the country, Adegoke in the message also enjoined Nigerians to imbibe values of righteousness, justice, and peaceful co-existence. 

Speaking further, Aare-Onibon Balogun implored the people not to allow the present situation to weigh them down but to strive in their little capacity to do more in building peaceful co-existence among themselves.

He called on the citizens to prioritise love, peace, and unity, noting that these are the major instruments to tackle the current security and economic challenges bedeviling the country presently.

According to him, Adegoke said, “On this year’s independence anniversary, I call on Oyo state residents and Nigerians as a whole to imbibe and sustain values of righteousness, peace, and justice which are the component of Nation’s building.

“As we celebrate, I urge all Nigerians to work in love, peace, and unity and exercise faith and hope, so that we can overcome our current challenges and build a prosperous nation”.


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