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Ini Dima-Okojie Shares Excitement For Flawsome S2 and 10th AMVCAs

Nollywood star, Ini Dima-Okojie has expressed her excitement about the series’ second season as well as the upcoming 10th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs). She revealed this at the recently held AMVCA press conference.

Ini Dima-Okojie received a nomination at the 9th AMVCAs for Best Actress in a TV Series for her role as Ramat in the first season of Showmax Nigeria Original drama series, Flawsome. Ramat is depicted as a passionate fighter and co-owner of an NGO that she runs with her husband. She is committed to advocating for women’s rights and helping those who have suffered from abuse in any form. However, despite her seemingly perfect life, Ramat’s life is not without its challenges. Like the best of us, she harbours flaws she’d rather hide.  

Speaking at an exclusive interview at the AMVCAs press conference, Ini shared her thoughts on the return of Flawsome, revealing how many women related to the first season and identified with the characters. She appreciated the female-led show and the message it conveyed, which was about embracing imperfections.

“I particularly love my character, Ramat; I think she’s crazy, and I love her so much. I love her drive. I know some people can perceive her as a tad much, but she is who she is unapologetically, and then that same passion that seems like a lot, when she is fighting for her friends, she brings it along,” Ini Dima said when speaking about her character in the series.

Despite the inherent stress that comes with the AMVCAs, Ini emphasised the importance of maintaining passion and enthusiasm. She recalled the nervous excitement of the previous year, underscoring the event’s significance as a rare opportunity for industry professionals to unite and celebrate. Ini noted that the AMVCAs serve as a beacon for the industry, providing a platform to recognise achievements, reconnect with colleagues, and revel in the cultural and artistic richness showcased throughout the event.

With anticipation building for the 10th AMVCAs, the organisers will announce nominees across all Africa Magic channels on March 24 at 8 pm. You can also follow Ramat on her Flawsome journey on your screens every Thursday, exclusively on  Showmax.


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