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Interesting Titles to Watch This New Year on Showmax

Happy New Year!

2023 was…interesting, for lack of a better word. We had the resurgence of podcasts and Guinness world records; indigenous content in various forms from music to movies and art to fashion. Entertainment was never far away, from reality TV shows to telenovelas and the best animations, Showmax has consistently delivered  back-to-back.

The new year started on Monday, which means it’s here for serious business. However, there’s still the need to sit back and watch some movies as we get into the thick of the new year.

Here’s a list of titles we’ve selected on Showmax to help you settle into the new year. Be rest assured it’s a good mix of jolly entertainment.

Wura S2

Dive into the riveting world of ‘Wura,’ a Showmax Original telenovela now in its second season. The story follows Wura Amoo Adeleke, the Iron Lady, a ruthless CEO of the fictional Frontline Gold Mine. She has two sides to her, a loving wife, mother and cutthroat businesswoman who would do anything to get the job done. She has no care who she hurts or silences (permanently) to keep Frontline Gold Mine successful. Follow Wura and the residents of Iperindo this second season on their day-to-day battle for survival amidst friendship, family, and romance.


King of Nollywood, Kanayo o Kanayo makes a comeback with Agu, a legal drama riddled with supernatural mystery and intrigue. Etim, played by KOK, is a down-on-his-luck lawyer tasked with defending Felix, a man accused of murder. The case is already hard with some juju in the mix, as it turns out, the prosecutor has a personal grudge against Etim.

School Run

Sheltered and pampered Bolu Kalejaiye gets lost in Lagos and drives his parents up the wall with worry. An entertaining family drama that follows Timileyin and Adeola Kalejaiye, a career-obsessed couple, and their 11-year-old son, Bolu. While he’s entrusted in the care of his nanny, Agnes, an unexpected series of events unfolds, leading to Bolu’s disappearance into the trenches of Lagos, far from his sheltered life in a gated highbrow neighbourhood. As the search for Bolu commences, his parents set aside their selfish interests to find him.

The Real Housewives of Lagos S2

Nobody was not ready for the spectacle that is The Real Housewives of Lagos. Chioma Ikokwu, Faith Morey, Iyabo Ojo, Laura Ikeji, Mariam Timmer, Tania Omotayo, and Toyin Lawani burst onto the scene in silk, frills, diamonds, and drama, breaking Showmax records and capturing hearts for a second season. RHOLagos follows these seven opulent women and their determination to take over the world one soiree at a time. You can binge watch the first and second seasons in anticipation of an explosive reunion.

A Merry X-Mess

Chaos reigns supreme in this Christmas comedy. How will you feel if your mum signs you up for a competition without asking you? That’s how the Nyatis feel when they come home for Christmas, ready to relax and reconnect, only to find their mother has signed them all up for a choir competition, and she is not taking no for an answer.

Slum King

“Ija wa, ija o si – Always guided!” Slum King follows the compelling journey of Edafe ‘Majemijesu’ Umukoro, a character whose life takes a tragic turn at the tender age of 11 when armed robbers invade his home due to his unfortunate oversight in locking the front door. The series weaves a tale of ambition born from adversity, as Edafe is compelled to rise above his low circumstances and nurture a hunger for power.


Journey to Milima with the first Showmax Original 2D animated series, Twende which follows a pangolin of the same name, the slowest-moving animal in the savannah. Twende’s belief that ‘Life is about the journey, not the destination’ is constantly at odds with his job as a motorbike taxi driver in the bustling, fictional East African city of Milima.

Don’t miss all the drama, fun and adventure available at your fingertips! Sign up to Showmax for the best family movie night and solo binge.


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