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Israel DMW’s Ex-wife Sheila Shares Video, Says No Regret About Divorce

Davido‘s aide, Israel Afeare, popularly known as Israel DMW and his ex-wife, Sheila Courage are on the news once again.

Sheila, shared a video online addressing some issues that transpired between herself and her ex-husband.

Recall that Israel and Sheila had a very chaotic separation from Davido’s aide raining curses on her online while making a series of accusations.

Many months after their crashed marriage, Sheila finally shared her part of the story in a video with one of her friends, Ginika.

In the video, Sheila made it clear that she did not regret any decision she made since falling out with her husband.

According to Sheila, she was greatly affected by the scandal, especially after her friend and her innocent mother were dragged into it. 

Israel’s ex-wife, however, noted that she believed it was God’s plan. 

Not stopping there, Sheila reiterated that despite how much everything affected her, she had no regrets. 

In her words: “A lot has happened, I don’t regret any decision I have taken because it was bound to happen. I strongly believe that God is in charge of all that happens in our lives, whether positive or negative, there’s a master planner behind the whole thing. But I’ve had my moments of sadness, I feel so bad sometimes about everything especially the way my friend was dragged into it, my mum also innocently was dragged into it, so that has hurt me. 

“But generally I have zero regrets but I’ve had my moments of sadness over the outcome of everything from start to what you all know about.”


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