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It’s Better For You To Cry With Your Christian Dior — Tiwa Savage

Nigerian female singer, Tiwa Savage, in a trending video, encouraged women to date men who would spend on them.

She started by stating that she was not encouraging prostitution by giving the advice, reminding them that it is fulfilling to spend one’s own money.

In the trending video, she said, “I’m not encouraging runs, I’m not saying you should go after a man just for his money, but I’m saying that it’s sweet when you also spend your money. Because I have my own money as you can see.”

Tiwa Savage gave her fans a good laugh by dishing out advice during her performance, suggesting that women go for material things.

Tiwa also stressed how important it is for women to be in relationships with men who can match their energy levels, using herself as an example. She then noted that it is better to date rich men because men ‘will still break your heart anyway’. On that note, she advised them that it is better to cry with material positions and wealth than without.

She continued by saying, “So, all I’m saying is you need to match my energy. Because men will still break your heart anyway.

“So, it’s better for you to cry with your Christian Dior and your Birkin bag and your private jet in Dubai – no we don’t go to Dubai anymore.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has dished out advice to her fans on matters of the heart.

In March 2023, she urged women to be wary of men who always come back to them after leaving, because it’s not as innocent as it seems.


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