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It’s Global Belly Laugh Day: Get Ready To Giggle and Roll Holding Your Remote!

As we enjoy the joy of Global Belly Laugh Day this Wednesday, 24 January, we’re here to ensure your chuckles continue beyond this day. Get ready to immerse yourself in humour, courtesy of DStv’s great line-up of shows and movies.

The Truman Show (Friday 26 January, 8:30 pm on TNT): Follow the surreal life of an insurance salesman (Jim Carrey) who discovers his entire life is a scripted TV show. With every family member an actor, his effort to break free is full of emotions and laughter. This film is a comedic gem not to be missed.

Intolerable Cruelty (Saturday 27 January, 3:30 pm on M-Net Movies 4): Drama meets comedy in this clever story. Watch as a high-profile divorce lawyer (George Clooney) wins a case only to find himself involved in a revenge plot by his client’s ex-wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Intolerable Cruelty is a perfect combination of wit and drama.

Fight Back to School (Saturday 27 January, 8:30 pm on KIX): Action and comedy meet in this hilarious story of a SWAT team leader (Stephen Chow) who goes undercover in a high school. His mission? To find a stolen gun. Expect side-splitting scenes and wild stunts.

Surf Ninjas (Sunday 28 January, 5:30 pm on TNT): Ready for some surf, sun, and laughs? Don’t miss this entertaining adventure as two boys learn from a mysterious warrior that they are the heirs to the throne of Patusan and set out to overthrow the current monarchy.

The Tuxedo (Sunday 28 January, 7 pm on TNT): Join us for an evening of intrigue and humour that will keep you glued to your screen. Jimmy Tong (Jackie Chan) is just a lowly chauffeur for millionaire Clark Devlin (Jason Isaacs), until Devlin has an accident that puts him in the hospital. Tong is sent back to fetch some things for Devlin and unknowingly tries on Devlin’s tuxedo and finds that it gives extraordinary powers to anyone that dons the suit.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Sunday 28 January, 5 pm on M-Net Movies 4): A romantic adventure filled with laughs and heartfelt moments. Get to know Peter (Jason Segel), a composer and a likable sad guy who’s devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bel), the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him. He cries, he screams, he mopes. Finally, his step-brother suggests a holiday, so Peter heads to a resort where, as he’s checking in, he sees Sarah and her new boyfriend. Will Sarah realise what she’s lost?

Black-Ish (Sunday 28 January, 1:30 pm on BET): Join the Johnson family for an episode full of comedic insights and family fun.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! February brings more laughter with Most Ridiculous with Mpho Popps premiering on Comedy Central (Monday 5 February, 8 pm). Join South African celebrities and the hilarious Mpho Popps as they react to the funniest internet clips.

Don’t miss a moment of this laughter-filled line-up. Make sure you’re connected and stay connected to DStv. Use the MyDStv self-service app to easily connect or reconnect. And if you’re out and about, don’t worry, DStv Stream has got you covered.

Remember, laughter is just a click away with DStv. So get ready to laugh until your belly hurts.

Happy Belly Laugh Day, and happy watching!


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