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IWD: 5 Fast-Rising Female Actresses Who Found Their Rhythm through Showmax Originals

For Showmax, it’s been a narrative of merging our favourite Nollywood names with several rising stars.

Television screens and cinemas have had their fair share of impact, but streaming platforms have become a breeding ground for talent in recent times.

For Showmax, it’s been a narrative of merging our favourite Nollywood names with several rising stars. These stars are bubbling up under the surface to make their mark known in the entertainment space – and frankly, we can’t rave about them enough because they just prove that the future of the industry is in good hands.  

In honour of International Women’s Month, we take a look at some of the actresses leaving a mark and captivating audiences with their exceptional performances. From the custodians of damaging secrets, such as Ruby Okezie in Agu, to those villainous characters that we hate to love like Scarlet Gomez in Wura, here are five fast-rising actresses making waves on Showmax.

Scarlet Gomez:

If by some chance you aren’t familiar with her role as ‘Fadekemi’ in the Africa Magic TV Series, My Flatmates, then perhaps you would recognise her as the “Iron Lady” whose burning ambition is a far cry from her idyllic role as a homemaker in Showmax’s Wura.

Scarlet Gomez garnered even more recognition with her nomination for Best Actress for her role in the Showmax original at the 2023 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).

The trained lawyer and actress is currently captivating audiences on season 2 of Wura streaming on Showmax, reminding us of her acting prowess, which has solidified her status as one of those characters we have a love-hate relationship with.

Ruby Okezie:

After appearing in movies like Palava!Glamour GirlsBeautiful Liar, and The Bait, and a particularly impressive performance in Far From Home, Ruby Okezie saw her full bloom yet in Showmax’s six-part legal drama series, Agu.

Playing the role of Victoria Atem, a determined lawyer on a mission, Ruby had to binge-watch The Lincoln Lawyer to understand the law’s nuances so she could properly get into her character — such is the dedication with which she works.

If her performances in both the legal drama and as the lead cast in Showmax’s Cheta M are anything to go by, Ruby is sure on her way to becoming a true screen gem. It will hardly be surprising: she aims to “become one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood and Hollywood”, she once revealed in a BellaNaija interview.

Oluchi Amajuoyi:

Oluchi Amajuoyi finds herself in her most prominent role yet in Nollywood, portraying Adanna, the central figure in Showmax’s epic series Cheta M. With only a few films under her belt, including Ordinary Fellows and Living With You, Oluchi’s portrayal of the character of Adanna is nothing short of remarkable. She captured the requisite courage expected from a protagonist who is the eldest daughter of a council member, alongside the innocence and naivety befitting a Mgberi maiden endowed with the gift of foresight and remarkable beauty.

With movies like On The Edge in the works, Oluchi is on the right trajectory to continue her rise in the industry.

Martha Ehinome:

Martha Ehinome is a theatrically trained actor from the Department of Theatre Arts, and it isn’t surprising that she has begun honing her trade in the entertainment industry.

Martha Ehinome Orhiere is best known for her character as Tumininu “Tumi” Kuti, in Showmax’s Nigerian Telenovela Wura. She also plays the lead role of Amanda, a girl constantly haunted by nightmares in the nostalgic series The Origin: Madam Koi-Koi.

Although she can’t be necessarily described as a diamond in the rough as she has previously received recognition for her work in the multiple award-winning feature film Dear Bayo, Martha is sure to climb the biggest award stages in the not-too-distant future.

Uzoamaka Onuoha:

Uzoamaka Onuoha’s impeccable acting skills and the ability to embody her roles perfectly have ensured her rise from an up-and-comer to a breakout star.

The Imo-State-born actress has appeared in several films, television and theatre productions. Some of her appearances in films include If I am President (2018), Ordinary Fellows (2019), Omugwo (2020), Stories by Her (2021), Visa on Arrival (2021), and Blood Sisters (2021). Additionally, she takes centre stage in Africa Magic’s brand new series Theory of Breakfast, currently showing on Africa Magic Showcase.  

Her stage appearances include a lead in ‘Folly of Men’ directed by Joshua Alabi (2019), ‘Emotan’ directed by William Benson(2019), ‘Chapters’ by Maduegbuna Productions (2020) and ‘The Decision’ (2021), which was staged at Terra Kulture, Lagos State, Nigeria.

However, Uzoamaka received her most notable role yet by playing the eponymous character in Showmax’s 6-part psychological thriller Diiche — a portrayal that confirms she belongs to the generation of stars set to redefine Nollywood through their diversity and sheer passion.

Time will tell.


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