Jose Mourinho Announces New Four-Year Contract With Adidas

AS Roma’s head coach, Jose Mourinho, also known as ‘The Special One’ has announced new four-year contract with Adidas.

The 60-year-old manager will continue his long-standing relationship with the Sports brand.

The ex-chelsea manager has been with dealing with Adidas about 20-year now and he will continue wearing the sport brand kits till at least 2027.

Mourinho announced on his Instagram story that he has reached a new contract with the sports apparel makers.

“New contract, I’m very happy, I’m very proud,” the former Chelsea boss said in a video he shared on his Instagram story to his 3.8 million followers.

“Adidas, four more years, 17,” he said in a follow-up video.

Mourinho continues Adidas relationship
This is a continuation of a long-standing relationship that survived even the ‘special one’ coaching a Nike-sponsored club in Tottenham.

In 2019, when Mourinho accepted the Spurs job, a Nike team, the commercial and business side of the sport was rocked, as managers are rarely sponsored by conflicting sports brands with the club they coach.

The norm was for the coaches to get a side deal on top of the club’s contract with the brands. Such examples were Jurgen Klopp’s deal with New Balance, who were Liverpool’s sponsors at the time, and Pep Guardiola’s deal with Puma, Manchester City’s kit makers.

Despite joining Tottenham, a club Jose has since left, Adidas reportedly kept him on, as according to the Daily Mail, they viewed him as commercially valuable as ex-football stars like David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

Mourinho is now coaching an Adidas-sponsored team, Roma, returning to his pattern of coaching clubs backed by the German Sports brand since he left Inter. Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and now the Giallorossi.


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