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Kanayo Reveals His Ambition To Continue Acting Till 90

Nollywood veteran Kanayo O Kanayo has revealed his ambition to remain active in the film industry until he reaches the age of 90.

The 62-year-old actor shared his aspirations in a preview of an upcoming episode of the Honest Bunch podcast.

Kanayo also voiced concerns about what he sees as the “influx of untalented women” into Nollywood.

The actor and producer did not shy away from addressing other issues plaguing the industry, including drug abuse and homosexuality.

“Many girls are desperate to act. You don’t come to Nollywood to learn how to act. Acting is natural. If it’s not in you, go and sell crayfish,” Kanayo asserted.

He also highlighted the presence of drug use among actors and what he referred to as “unnatural” behaviors, specifically referring to homosexuality.

“For men who have unnatural… When I say unnatural in law, you should understand it to be when man dey sleep with man and all those things. (E dey happen for the industry?) Of course,” Kanayo remarked.

“Are you aware most artistes are on drugs?” he added, calling for a purge of certain elements from the industry. “I want a situation where at 70, 75, 80, 90, I will still be acting.”

This is not the first time Kanayo has spoken out about the challenges within Nollywood.

Recall last year, he claimed some individuals joined the industry to “sell sex” and warned against the movie industry becoming a platform for those involved in the sex trade and homosexuality.

Kanayo also recently introduced his first son, Clinton, to filmmaking, indicating a desire to pass on his legacy to the next generation.


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