Kumuyi Urges Christians To Continue Supporting The Poor

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, has called on Christians to intensify support for the poor.

The preacher made the call, according to Church Times News Online, in a recent message titled, “Emmanuel, Jesus the Healer”.

Kumuyi said, “I learnt of a preacher somewhere. He told his congregation now, we are going to collect offerings. He asked those who had N10,000 to give to raise their hands, and he asked those who had N20,000 to give to raise their hands.

“He asked those who had N50,000, they raised their hands. And he said all the money they wanted to give to the church, they should go and give to the poor in their neighbourhood rather than bringing it to the church.

“All the offerings are not just for church. There are poor and unemployed people around. There are indigent people around, but we must build our campground. I understand, we are going to build. But while you are building your neighbours are dying. Those who do not have anything to feed are there. Your fellow brother, your fellow sister have nothing to send children to school.”


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