Labour Party Reaffirms Peter Obi as Their Candidate for 2027

The Labour Party (LP) has reaffirmed its support for Peter Obi as its presidential candidate for the 2027 election, dismissing any rumours of a possible replacement.

In a statement jointly signed on Sunday by the Director-General of the Directorate on Mobilization and Integration, Marcel Ngogbehei; the Deputy Director of Media and Communications, Ambassador Aju Elumelu; and the Deputy Director of Strategic Engagement, Sheikh Rufai Al-Saddiq, the party denied reports of a rift and affirmed its commitment to Obi’s candidacy.

The directorate acknowledged efforts to reconcile aggrieved groups within the party but emphasized that no agreement had been reached to replace Obi.

It emphasized the party’s unity and cohesion behind Obi, who has been ratified as the presidential candidate for the 2027 election.

The directorate said: “The leadership and members of our great party recognize the importance of peaceful coexistence among brothers and acknowledge the fact that there’s a bigger target—liberating Nigeria from the shackles of greedy politicians and building a nation that protects the interests of its citizens.

“The party has decided to follow a peaceful approach to resolving internal misunderstandings. This effort within the Labour Party and its successes have elicited different reactions; we have also seen an attempt by the opposition to make a false spin for their own selfish interests, misinforming the general public with the aim of causing more crises in our party.

“For the record, this directorate was set up to facilitate reconciliation and help mobilize and integrate Labour Party stakeholders toward electoral victory for our presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in 2027.

“The party leadership recognizes the need for unity and cohesion within the party as a requirement for internal stability and improving the winning chances of H.E. Peter Obi in the upcoming 2027 elections.

“We have reached out through various channels to different stakeholders, and discussions are still ongoing on various fronts; we are also making great progress in this endeavor. To misconstrue this effort as being against our presidential candidate is unfortunate.

“To set the record straight, Peter Obi remains our presidential candidate for 2027 as ratified, and all the party leadership are behind him and committed to his message of a new Nigeria.”

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