Lagos Reopens Alaba Market, Trade Fair Complex

The Lagos State Government has reopened the Alaba International Market and some sections of the Trade Fair Complex in Ojo, Lagos, which were shut down due to issues related to improper waste disposal and other environmental violations.

This was disclosed in a statement on the Lagos State Waste Management Authority’s Facebook page on Saturday.

The statement quoted the state Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, as emphasizing that the decision to reopen the markets was not politically motivated but aimed at promoting a clean and healthy business environment.

Wahab stated, “The decision to reopen the markets follows a rigorous assessment and implementation of stringent environmental standards. These standards were set to ensure that businesses in the state operate in a manner that is not harmful to the environment and the well-being of people. I want to state emphatically that the closure of those markets has no ethnic or political motives behind it, as it was done to ensure cleanliness and environmental sustainability for the good of all residents.”

He underlined the importance of maintaining a balance between commerce and environmental health.

He emphasized that the government would continue to enforce these standards by sealing off any market or corporate organization found in violation.

The Managing Director of LAWMA, Dr Muyiwa Gbadegesin, noted that the agency collaborated with market stakeholders to ensure compliance with the required environmental standards.

Gbadegesin stressed that markets needed to operate in a manner that was not only economically viable but also environmentally responsible.

He outlined the standards, including proper waste containment, procurement of double bins, engagement of bin keepers, zero tolerance for open waste burning, and more.

He urged residents and business owners to commit to environmental sustainability by disposing of waste properly and adhering to the state’s environmental laws to prevent further closures that could negatively impact business activities.


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