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Lagos Stops 50% Discount On Fares of BRT, Train, Others

The Lagos State Government has announced the cancellation of the 50 percent discount on its regulated transport system and a reversion to the old rates effective Monday.

The 50 percent reduction in fares applied for using Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Standard routes, First and Last Mile, Rail and Ferry services.

The discount, although announced on 31st of July, came into effect on 2nd of August as as part of the palliatives offered by the state to cushion the pains of the removal of fuel subsidy.

The subsidy removal has forced average Nigerians into economic frustration, hence, the Lagos State government and some other states across the country took the decision to introduce relief packages to cushion the effects of the fuel removal.

Lagos state government had in its part introduced a 50 percent rebate on transport fares across the state.

It was noted by Sahara Reporters that the state government which in October said the rebate package saved commuters N1.9 billion in eight weeks on transport costs has announced the end of the discount.

Although hardship and effects of the fuel removal is still biting hard on the people.

In a notice on Saturday, the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) said from 6th of November, transport fares will return to status quo.

“The 50 percent rebate in transport fare in the regulated transport system in Lagos ends on Sunday.

“The public is hereby informed that from Monday, 6th November 2023, transport fare will return to the pre-2nd August 2023 rate” LAMATA said in a statement.


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